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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hello, my name is ______.

Ashton. It’s Ashton, in case you forgot. Is anyone still out there? I’ve resolved to post more often during 2013, but it may just benefit my grandma. Hi, Grandma!

Before I let more random thoughts (and confessionals, apparently) manifest themselves on this blog, I think I need to do a little catching up. Here is what Brian and I have been doing for four months:

Made a trip to St. George with the Scurr family to see some plays at Tuacahn.

I turned 26, and wore an awesome sequin skirt to dinner at Voodoo Steak. The “jumbo prawns” there were a total rip-off, but I enjoyed wearing my mermaid skirt enough to overlook the food. 

I went to oodles of baby/bridal showers. Most memorable was a bachelorette party at a hotel that happened to be sponsoring a “Hog Wild” biker convention that same weekend. You can imagine the parking situation. It was an unintentionally hard-core bachelorette party, and I was proud to have been wearing my leather pants…or pleather leggings, whatever.
(We were in good company at the pool. I wish I had more pictures, but I chickened out.)

A client gave me tickets to BIEBER.

Brian escorted me back to my motherland-The Land of Enchantment. For most people, knowing which state is the most enchanting is common sense. For those of you who are a little sloooowerrr, it’s New Mexico. We started the trip with Brian leaving his iPad in the baggage claim, but a kind soul turned it into the Lost and Found. Albuquerque breeds some honest people, if you don’t count the gang members. I’m sure at one point they harbored hearts of gold, too, but disintegrated over time as a result of all that heartburn from spicy New Mexican food. 

 I did the most gorgeous bride’s hair for her big day, gave Brian a tour of Albuquerque, introduced him to (the best food in the world, but just one example would be the) pepperoni and green chili pizza at Dion’s, and checked out my old ‘hood. 

The journey to my youth brought back memories of my new Las Vegas classmates applauding me for speaking such fluent English after they learned I had moved from New Mexico. While I agree that I’m adequately proficient in the English language, I attribute that more to being an American than being a quick learner. Many were equally impressed to know I did not have a green card, and I wasn’t upset to move away from the beach. Be concerned that this was a weekly occurrence for a whole semester. 

I didn’t mind the comments, just a little disturbed that these warm praises came from people who were  trusted with driver’s licenses.

As I looked through my iPhone pictures, I was embarrassed to remember I wore the previously mentioned birthday/mermaid/sequin skirt to a rehearsal dinner. I text this to another girl asking if it was appropriate to wear:

 She said yes. 
No, no, no. In hindsight, this is not okay. But, it happened, and now I'm embarrassed. This picture provokes  eye rolling and laughter all in one. ("You can take the girl out of Vegas..".)

We had a Halloween party. I'll spare you another provocative cow costume photo.

Surprised my cousin in Utah for her baby’s blessing. What a doll.

I stopped following Jef Holm on Instagram.

 Drove to Disneyland to see the magical Christmas decor before it became a giant churro-craving mosh pit.
What a good day.

Thanksgiving in Las Vegas. This holiday was stolen from the Scurrs due to Brian’s working Black Friday. Dun dun dun.

Brian had an intensely organized cream soda taste testing.

I got really into clams for a second.

Again, I'll refrain from pictures. But-did you know clams have organs? That's why I was only all about them for a second. Too bad, because I bought 5 lbs of them at Costco's Seafood Roadshow.

Spent Christmas in Las Vegas! The cast of the nativity scene has become...tall.

Now do you remember me? I'm looking forward to regular blog therapy in 2013.


Natalie said...

And how lucky am I to call you my best friend? The day you stop wearing mermaid skirts is the day we will not be friends. I miss you.

Matt and Katelyn said...

Wait, I love your sequined skirt! Where did you get it? Also, I too am going to try to blog more.I need to keep it as a journal. Ill try once a week:)

joeley hope said...

aw i love you. can't wait for more posts. and i'm with katelyn, love that skirt! xoxo

Alisha said...

Why is it that I only communicate with you through blog comments?? :) Btw, when I got a new phone I didn't port my numbers over and there have been multiple times when I've thought about you and wanted to say hello! If you have my number text me. I miss you and I love when you post!!

Jessy Carlisle said...

How did I just see this blog post? Seriously, my google reader skipped over it like it never even happened. I love so many things about this post I don't know where to start. Love you.