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Thursday, August 30, 2012

It's Newport, Beach!

(Brian thought that was a great title.)

It's amazing to me that you can desire something so deeply that the emotion can become almost physical. You know, really puts the "feel" in "feeling." Like, PHYSICALLY I need the beach. I want it. I need it. Deep down in me, I have a drive to do whatever is necessary to get to a beach at least a million times a year. I'll negotiate for 3 times, as a minimum.

I don't know what magic lure  beach has on me, because I honestly don't do more than my cycle of: lie on the beach and read for an hour, go in the ocean for an hour, eat. Repeat. It's just brings so much happiness to my soul.

Here are photos from a  couple of different trips to Newport and Huntington.

 Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, anyone? Brian and I went to Beverly Hills for a hopeful Lisa Vanderpump sighting at Sur. Unsuccessful.

 We found Sam Woods!

 Sheer happiness in the purest form. Insert dolphin emoji.


Jessy Carlisle said...

1. Stop looking so cute at the beach in all your swimming get-ups.
2. Just a reminder I live near the beach, and it's warm enough to get in at all times in the year. Even like January or February :)

Matt and Katelyn said...

Such a beauty Ashton