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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy To Still Be a Little Crazy in the Eyes.

You know those friends that know you on a whole different level? The kind that already know what you’re thinking with just a glance? My best friends know me well enough that we don’t have to waste precious, painful ab-laughing time on the formalities of the “what have you been up to” conversation. Even if we haven’t spoken in months, and we don’t know what the other has been up to, that can be wrapped up speedily. We can then revert to our own language, full of so many inside jokes that we can basically just speak in sounds and faces.

 The stars were all aligned last month, and I had the pleasure of getting my immaturity on with so many of my best friends! ALL IN A MONTH! All in 24 hour trips!

Jess and Janae found me after an hour of texting (about Mean Girls) at LAX. I met Jess (who has been in my phone as Satan for 6 years, and I can’t remember why, which makes it hilarious all over again) and Janae at BYU Hawaii. We bonded together quickly roasting ourselves on the beach together every single day. Years later, we’re doing it all again, minus Cheesecake Factory, Patti, and Katie. Catch you on the next girls trip, Tricia!

Santa Monica lent itself as a nice backdrop to:

Bike riding, flea market, beach, the Pier, nails, tons of food...not bad for a quick trip!

It was so nice of Janae to suggest the idea, for a number of reasons.
 A. She is pregnant;
 B. She is kind of a famous blogger, and it’s nice to see she remembers the little people;
C. Jess and I really bring out the weirdness in each other after about 11 PM. She eggs me on, I can’t help it.

A couple of weeks later,  Natalie had a big birthday, so Marcella helped me plan to get up to Salt Lake! We had a little sleepover at the amazing Grand America (I'm coming back to sit in you, huge Bathtub), and went to the temple the following day with Russ and Camille. Oh, and I shopped. A lot. I bought everything that Camille tried on. It started as a joke, but as it turns out, I wasn't joking. I love being a Lewis family poser/stalker.

My roommate Kendyl won Miss Utah USA, and was in Las Vegas for the Miss USA competition! Amy, Jackie, and my mom were Miss Utah groupies and the competition. Cute Amy made shirts, and I stole one of many pretty Kendyl pictures from online to make signs. Way to go, Ken!
I truly believe I will always share a special friendship with my close college friends. It’s a relationship impossible to create with any new friends, presumably because I have grown up enough to stop acting like, well, a college kid. Slash, a little retarded, a little maniacal, and super fun.

Believe me, my college besties have seen it all...I should have made them sign non-disclosure agreements.


The Hungry Runner Girl said...

That was the best trip ever. How about you come to san fran when we move there and we can have another girls get together?

Jess said...

Best trip. I will be blogging about this soon also. Wish we could be more like Janae and a) blog within a reasonable time b) have fans c) make cash money. Also, I second what Janae said about an SF trip. Followed by Hawaii.

Jessy Carlisle said...

You are so funny. I miss you... come into my life. I'm living in Miami soon which is pretty fabulous. Seeing as you take so many vacations, maybe you could come visit me?

Matt and Katelyn said...

Fun! Miss you!!