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Sunday, May 27, 2012


Oh hey, I figured out how to upload photos. Thanks Morgan, for advising the obvious. The loss of some needed brain cells are battle wounds I still suffer from as a result of my hair school stint. Anyway, Brian and I have a bajillion things going on, so now that I have had some blog rehab, I'll have to make more posts. Starting with: CRUISE PICTURES! Best time of our lives. We took a quick 5 day cruise to Jamaica and Haiti. Seriously of the most fun/shortest weeks I have ever had. What kind of sick planet do we live on that speeds up it's rotation during vacation days? We chose to vacation with Royal Caribbean, and went on their Liberty of the Seas. Umm, massive, as in we didn't even see the entire ship that whole time.
We got upgraded to a suite! Brian got spoiled on his first cruise. There is no going back to ocean view rooms.
I've never been on another cruise with so much food. Allll included.
2 entrees? 3 desserts? Why not?
I've become a beach snob. Water less blue than this is unacceptable.
Enjoying a little room service breakfast in Jamaica.
In Jamaica, we went tubing down a river through amazing jungle, then climbed Dunn's River Falls, a slippery waterfall that never ends. I kept thinking we were almost to the top for an hour.
Party Boat.
Our quest for authentic Jamaican jerk chicken was successful! Sooo yummy. Even even Brian "Grill Master" Scurr was impressed.
Brian's frozen drink fetish left us with almost a whole kitchen set of these light up cups.
Next was Haiti! By Haiti, I mean, "Haiti." Royal Caribbean leases part of an island, so it's more like the Disneyland of beaches. The beaches all have fun names, all the food on the island is free because it's from the ship, the beaches are groomed, there are little bands, and there is a little busing system to the different beaches. You know, in case you overdid it on Lobster Night + buffet + pizza place + ice cream last night. Kind of weird, considering the country's history and economic situation.
Brian's souvenir from Haiti was a Tommy Bahama looking shirt. Seen here is Brian modeling and Jolie-ing.
We thought it would be a good idea to take some jumping pictures since all our cruise pictures are the same pose. Okay, I mean all our pictures, ever. Brian shot the one of me on the first try, and the sweet older guy taking the picture of Brian and I took about a dozen like this...
One of our favorite features of this ship was the Flow Rider. The first day at sea it DUMPED rain for...5 minutes. We took full advantage of those sissies leaving the pool, and hopped in line for the Flow Rider. We Flow Rode all afternoon, baby.
We had hoped to enjoy this vacation with friends...ANY friends, really! We had no takers, but fortunately were seated at dinner with THE coolest couple. Joanna and Julian were our age and so much fun! We'd have our own adventures during the day, then report all dinner long. By the end of the cruise, dinner alone had turned into a two hour event, leaving us as the last in the dining room! We spent the evenings going to shows (with them), dancing (with them) and eating (again) (with them). Too bad they live in Florida.
Party night!
The ship featured "Saturday Night Fever." I know I'm not looking, but the background was more important than my face at the moment.
NOT TO BE LEFT OUT, a shout out to Walmart: I come from a line of Walmart haters, and although my mom's habitual frequenting of the store prevents me from claiming myself as a purebred, it's in my blood. Terribly made products, taking away business from smaller community stores, outsourcing overseas, dirty stores, creep-o shoppers...did you know that most corporate companies (excluding P&G) manufacture their products differently (cheaper) if they are sold at a lower price point a Walmart? Ask me about it. But I digress. Anyway, I did it. I ventured to Walmart to buy cheap Easter baskets, and picked up some sunscreen while I was there. $10 for sunscreen?! Sheesh. So, I bought the least expensive one. The generic brand. Let's just say, it sure didn't work! Having fake sunscreen during your first sunny outing, in the Caribbean nonetheless, is painful. Blistery-painful.
Photo of the perp.


Jess said...

Reenacting Titanic on a cruise ship with a boy? Ashton, get a little more creative. So not cool. Reenacting Titanic on a ferris wheel by yourself while teenage boys are shouting "maam! MAAM! Please sit down!" is a lot cooler...

Morgan said...

Glad I could help so that I could see your fun trip pics!!! Next time, we're in.

Jessy Carlisle said...

Ummmm we always need friends. Seriously, next time you go on vacation, we are in. If you go on another cruise, I'll be in Miami, so you can stay at our house the night before, and I'll go with you. No joke. Love you!

Megan said...

Love the pics! You look gorgeous as ever. Funny..we went to Jamaica about a month ago!

joeley hope said...

yall are hot! i wanna vacation with you soon. couples vacation?! xo

Rick said...

That looks like a lot of fun Ashton! I haven't talked to you in forever, I hope all is well.

Unknown said...

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