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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'll punch your face, computer.

I had every intent of an update from Ashtonland; however, my computer and I have struggled for weeks to reach an amicable agreement on uploading more than one photo. And still struggling. Why, computer? Why, Blogspot? Why!? If this computer hasn't been hurled through the wall over the course of this week, I'll attempt again.

On a side note, another inanimate object that causes stress in my life: Siri. "I'm sorry, ask again later." "I'm sorry, I don't understand." I don't think she is even sorry. So many death glares to my phone, I'm going to have some early onset crow's feet.

So, here's the one. The one picture my computer decided to accept.

Brian and I (still can't decide on a verb that articulates the level of super extreme, tear-inducing, intense joy we felt...for the lack of a better one, "loved")LOVED LOVED LOVED getting away for a week on a cruise! Seriously, does life get any better than cruising? FOOD! FOOD! FOOD! Vacations make me so happy, my mind starts to wander away to a dreamy place even discussing them.

One day, I'll elaborate on our cruise. Hopefully with more than text...