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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Oh, hi.

Aww. Poor, neglected little blog. My last source of social media being shunned from my routine. I tried to hop on here a few times, but for whatever reason I can’t upload any pictures. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?! I’m being banned from Blogspot? I’ve reached my photo capacity? I forgot how to use my computer? Ugh. My blog posts are doomed to an eternity of blandness. I can no longer testify through photos that Brian and I are somewhat fun people, which is going to be a huge handicap in my never ending quest for couple friends (elaboration on that later).

BUT!- This blog is no longer my sole outreach to cyber friends. I am a new member of Instagram, although my days may be numbered due to my low tolerance for picture-happy friends and bad social media etiquette. And YEAH. There’s etiquette. Those people who post more than 4 pictures a day of their snacks, what’s in their purse (everyday? really?), a picture of their text conversation with their mom/boyfriend, abusing the emoticons with horrific overuse…that’s enough. And you, the one that keeps taking self portraits in the car? Stop that. Are your hands even on the wheel?

Anyway, you can check out my 4 pictures on Instagram. AshtonScurr. Or you can hang tight, because one lucky day, when there are two full moons in one month and the stars are aligned, my photos will upload successfully and we will celebrate with an epic HalloGivingMasNewYear’s post.

I do continue to read your blogs, though. Even when I am in posting hibernation (which has now ended, FYI).