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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Don't worry, there are no pictures to coincide with this post. You've seen just about enough.

I enjoy my handful of reality shows, but come. On. Who out there is passing around the Kardashian Koolaid? Kim is beautiful, no doubt there, and I’m sure she has wonders for the confidence of curvy women. More importantly, she has shown us common folk that we can be successful, loaded, and famous without any sort of knowledge, talent, prior experience, connections…basically anything save a video camera (although we must pay homage to Paris Hilton for pioneering that gold lined road).

The whole Kardashian clan gets a Mary Poppin’s bag full of cash for appearances, interviews, exclusive photos, etc etc etc, and it’s still not enough to avoid Kim having to pull a publicity stunt. She gets paid for her wedding photos, more interviews, pictures, and an almost free wedding thanks to the caterers clawing for attention and hoping their name is shown on the however-many-hours wedding special? Conveniently, this “heartbreak” leads to even more self-prostituted money. Call me heartless, but I don’t feel bad at all. After all the hoopla, I’d stay married for at least a FEW more months…or at least enough time that people could calculate my marriage in months instead of days. But, that’s just me.

At least if she had attempted this sort of thing with Reggie Bush, it would have been a smidge more believable and wouldn’t warrant people wanting to burn their eyes out with cinnamon Altoids in the checkout isle after seeing Kim’s face there for yet another month. Where’s Britney shaving her head when you need her?