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Friday, October 28, 2011


Brian and I have both shared a similar “Where am I?” moment the past couple of weeks.

(Brian during a confusing time when he worked at a lube shop for a few weeks in Feb. and had a work alias--"Carl." Looove him for not being to proud to work ANY job while there are no jobs in construction!)

I can’t speak for Brian, but my moment happened while I was working at the salon. I had a client sitting in my chair, and after a quick consultation, I went clicking away on ankle booties to mix color. I did the usual… glanced through my color inventory, mixed up a (hopefully genius) color concoction, took a swig of Cherry Coke, and went clicking back in. I was just a few foils into a masterpiece when it hit me. “HOW THE (HECK) DID I GET HERE??” Wait… wait. I’m 25? And I’ve been married for two years? I do hair? But I went to school. We’re still paying off school. And when did my hips get so wide? How did this happen? HOW DID I GET HERE?!

I was still sloshing color around in the bowl and pondering this after my client was processing. I was still thinking and almost laughing about how random events and chance decisions lead me to this exact moment. And…it all happened so quickly! Not in any negative way, I mean, I love my life. I LOVE my job and my husband. But… living in Las Vegas and working in a salon was never something I had envisioned even a few years ago, although Ashton the Hairstylist beats the pants off Mrs. Scurr the English teacher in the fun department.

How. Am. I. Here?

Have you done that? I hope this is a common moment of disorientation for 20-somethings.

I figure this will happen again when I have three crying kids, a flat tire on my mini-van and mascara on only one eye. Or when I realized I’ve turned into my mom, whichever comes first.


Marcella said...

HAHAHA! Love this! Your hips are not wide crazy!!! I have totally done this and continue to do this. ummm lets just say I have been that crying mom of three kids wondering "how did this happen to me?" what!?! Crazy how fast life goes and where we end up.It will be fun to see as more of it far so good...and so crazy!!!

the hawker's said...

This is SOOO ME right now! Oh goodness... I have no idea how the time flew so fast or how I landed where I am right now. It's such a weird feeling. So far life is not going according to the scripted version I had in my head. It's like the 20-something version of a mid-life crisis, I think. Yep, yep. I think it must be the norm for 20-somethings. Either that or we're both crazy...

michael. mindy. dane. said...

this happens to me all the time. i'll be driving down the road, look in my rearview mirror, see dane, and be like WHAT? who gave me this child?! and i do it at school. i'll be giving the kids instructions or something and be like, who is letting me teach these kids and why?? you are not alone.

The Facers said...

Sorry my dear...but its going to happen again a lot sooner than 3 kids away. I would try once after every kid :) Not that Im speaking by experience or anything ;)

Kyle Stucki said...

So are you in Vegas now for good? Kristina and I are moving there in a week and a half. After the wedding.

Lets be married couple friends!