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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Nine Ten Eleven.

Not only was 9/10/11 a marathon wedding day, it was also my big birthday this year! After having my crazy, ridiculously fun friends around in Utah to plot some hilarious birthday events in years past, I was anticipating this year being much mellower. You know, a bubble bath and chocolate type of birthday. Brian had to work, and my parents had a wedding to attend. The week of, I felt a little disappointed to not have such close friends around. I flipped through old pictures on my computer instead. Some past birthdays my friends had schemed:

The surprise party with a gorilla stipper/dancer, who came and left in costume and remains anonymous to this day.

Lots of fun birthday dinners

A bag pipe player arriving at my door to play “Happy Birthday,” and then casually walking away. Unfortunately, no picture outside of the vivid memory in my head.

Oatmeal, the hamster.

A tutu party!

Then I realized I was being a self-absorbed, birthday princess of a woman, so I cut it out and fished out a bubble bath bottle from under my sink. And yet, it was never used! Brian sure surprised me!

He was so sweet to me my whole birthday week, even compromising his masculinity to escort me to Fashion’s Night Out.

Then, I was taken back enough to see Natalie walking into my house that I didn’t have much of a reaction…it didn’t process for a minute that Brian surprised me by flying her down for my birthday weekend! What a man. And, thanks to my recent acquisition of designer lipsticks/glosses gifted to me by a fellow stylist (whose husband “would die if she wore them”…score!), I was looking extra sparkly. Natalie+ Chanel lipstick in Super + glitter Dior gloss that doesn’t wear off + Brian= birthday bliss. Natalie and I played all day and met Brian for dinner at Sugar Factory that evening (which we agreed actually didn’t live up to the rave reviews, but still so fun)!

The 5lb Gummy Bear I wanted to send to Janae until I realized how much the shipping cost. Sorry, Janae.

Nat has had an eye infection the last two times she has visited. Documented.

Brian is the sweetest and made my birthday week so special! Thanks for coming down Natty! I have enough years of special birthdays that I will be content to use my bubble bath next year!


Amy Egbert said...

Happy Belated Birthday Little Miss!! You and Nat are just the cutest!
But tell me did you meet Giuliana Rancic at Fashion night??? That deserves a whole post if so :)

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

You are a model. Do you realize how gorgeous you are?! Okay, first of many good memories just occured in my mind looking back on past bday parties. The gorilla was amazing. Brian is the I guess I will just have to go down to Vegas to visit you and you can take me to the gummy bear heaven:) HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY gorgeous girl (sorry I am late, I will make it up to you). LOVE YOU!

Melissa said...

I remember that gorilla at your party! Natalie's eyes must be too pure for vegas...I remember that from last time. Happy late birthday my dear!

Vale ♥ said...

You're so pretty. Love the gorilla ! Awesome :) Kisses

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Matt and Katelyn said...

Great memories! Text me your number cuz I lost all of mine. I'll be in las Vegas this month. Let's get together!