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Saturday, August 20, 2011

San Fran & Heterosexual Pride.

Brian and I enjoyed a little extended weekend jaunt to San Francisco for our 2nd anniversary! I love going out of town for the big day. It’s a honeymoon all over again!

So, it was appropriate and appreciated when a dignified homeless sir yelled out from the street to commend us on our sexual orientation. Heterosexual pride, all the way. Thank you, friend. Another comrade of the streets pointed out Brian's resemblance to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Hmm. We decided to take that as a compliment along with several flexing pictures.

We indulged in all the tourist activities since neither of us had visited the city. SO FUN. We went to an A’s game, Fisherman’s Wharf, Ghiradelli Square, had a city tour narrated by the funniest tour guide ever, rode bikes across the Golden Gate, ate ate ate, and did some anniversary shopping! We were also fortunate enough to watch a Philippino-American parade we happened to stumble upon.

Disclaimer: I'm no photographer and lack the talent to catch "the" moments, so just trust that it was more fun and special than what was caught on camera. My new camera that is more than 7.4 mega pixels, that is.

Taking self-timer pictures in the hotel lobby...Brian's idea. Just one of the reasons I love him.

Another reason I love him.

For Kim!

Free "happy anniversary" dessert!

Such a clear day!

8 miles across the bridge to Sausilito, where most people would take a ferry back to the city. Did we? Nope. Another 8 miles back to the Wharf, then walked to Lombard, and THEN back to Union Square.

That’s why my face looks like this.

All the states we have lived in, minus New Mexico!

Most of all, I loved (looooooved) getting to spend time with my man! He makes me feel so special. No one warns you about hardly ever seeing each other again once you tie the knot. Sad. We came home on Monday, went right to work that same day, and didn’t see each other awake until Wednesday night. How do you throw kids in the mix?!


Jessy Carlisle said...

I'm really proud of you for wearing a bike helmet...and for not being embarrassed to be a heterosexual in San Fran. Love you! and Happy Anniversary (we are old married women now!)

Choosy mom said...

How do you throw kids into the mix? You just do and somehow it works out :)

Kimmy Morley said...

Ahh so sad I didn't get to see you. Thanks for the A's shout out--very appreciated. Looks like you got all the fun things in--biking the golden gate is one of my favorite things!

C&C said...

So cute and fun! I especially like that crazed picture of you on the bike.

ashley mikell said...

i love this. you look so pretty ash. going out of town with a husband is the best thing in the world. happy anniversary!

michael. mindy. dane. said...

looks so so fun! you are so cute. it makes me sick. there is a new teacher at my school who reminds me of you. makes me happy :) not in a creeper way. just in a i-miss-you-even-though-we-were-never-really-bffs kind of way.

Sarah Beck said...

Looks like a lot of fun! We miss you guys!!! Happy Anniversary!

jandj2006 said...

YAY! Happy anniversary! Those trips are the best and it looks like you guys had a blast! So glad you got to have some fun alone time together!

jennyandskyler said...

What a fun trip, you guys are so stinkin cute and always having a good time! Hope you guys are doing well, let us know when you are in AZ next time so we can catch up!!

Amy Egbert said...

Happy Anniversary! How fun!!! The bike ride looks like a blast. And You look stunning. I love the pic of you laughing! it made me think it's been waaaaaay too long since I've seen you my lady!!! Hope all is well :) xoxo
text me your email if you wanna be blog buddies still!

Style Souk said...

My eyesight is terrible, but...

Is that a Tiffany Legacy engagement ring I spy?

It's such a beautiful ring but, bicycle helmet or not, you're a million times lovelier than any diamond. :0)


Sarah x

joeley hope said...

how fun!
ya'll need to have some kids cause they are gonna be BEAUTIFUL! not now- just sometime :)