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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Homage to Shark Week.

(Jessie and I on a more mellow occasion. Plotting, most likely.)

I'm not exaggerating when I say Discovery Channel's Shark Week is a highly anticipated event in my life. A few pictures from when Jess and I went in a little shark cage when we were in Hawaii in 2006. Some shady guys gave us a snorkel and told us to hop in. Sure.

These guys would jump out of the water to get the fish we'd hung out!

We lived to tell the tale and continued doing other "I probably shouldn't do this" things in Hawaii. And a fun fact from the guys who owned the boat--in Hawaii, the sharks are so used to being thrown leftover seafood from fishers over the years, they are conditioned to follow the sound of boat motors. We got this many sharks with hardly any chum in the water!

And just for Jessie:

THE ONLY other somewhat normal picture. Eating, of course. I'm wearing my "heinous" pants, but our hair was dry and combed.


ashley mikell said...

oh my so scary. i don't know if i could handle shark week really. (we don't have any English channels, so i won't be finding out anytime soon.)

Jess said...

Yeah... I'm pretty much obsessed wit this post. For additional comments on your post, please see the blog post I dedicated to the same thing :). Love that picture of us. Tan, eating, frizzy, greasy, a little bit crazy in the eyes... sums up the fat, mean girl, Hawaiian experience.

Amy Egbert said...

CREEPY!!!!! Those pics just did me in. I would like to think I'd have the guts to do that I think I'll stay on the safe side and stick with the dolphins :). Ashton, you are just the sweetest thing!! Thanks for your cute comments about easton! I agree I wish we lived close. I'm just a terrible keeping in contact, long distance definitely complicates things!
Let me just tell you your blogs are always soooo entertaining. Seriously, You keep me wanting more! xoxo

Kim Morley said...

"we probably shouldn't be doing this" line i know all to well from Hawaii. love it.

The Facers said...

crazy. that is all i have to say about that. crazy.