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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Consider this post interactive.

Good Idea or Bad Idea?

You tell me. These have been topics of several salon conversations with clients, and I’ve been having an exhausting inner debate ever since.

1. Shopping at Forever 21.
2. Letting your kids listen to rap so they can cutely “sing” to Lil Wayne or Flo Rida.
3. Re-enacting getting run over by a car on the anniversary of when you really did get run over by a car.

(Tiffani Meacham. Add her on Facebook to hear how she got ran over. Also, she wears a size 7, if you know what I mean from a few posts ago...)

4. Leaving tags on your clothes, wearing them, then returning them (disregard the dishonest part).
5. Returning ANYTHING to Nordstrom.
6. Buying exotic pets.
7. Buying a house.
8. Renting a house.
9. Spray tans.
10. Laying out.
11. Only getting a few squirts of gas instead of filling your whole tank.
12. Trying new haircuts on your husband.
13. Being friends with Kanye West.
14. Purchasing popcorn at movie theaters.
15. Center hair parts.
16. Spending New Year’s in Time’s Square.
17. Booking Caribbean vacations during the fall because it’s cheaper…because it’s hurricane season.
18. Buying a cubic zirconium instead of a diamond ring.

I'm on the fence about all of the above. Minus #5, although one of my clients has a convincing rebuttal.


ashley mikell said...

1. good
2. bad- i have seen the way jr. high kids are affected. i am trying to break the rap habit myself.
3. bad
4. bad
5. i recently returned some mac eyeshadow that i should have returned when we lived in lafayette 37 (how long ago was that ash?)
6. bad
7. good eventually
8. good for now
9. i think my skin would become proof that it's bad for me
10. good, if you have a private place to be. it's awkward when you have neighbors looking at you while you are laying out.
11. bad. i always chew myself out later for not just taking the few extra seconds to fill up the whole tank. (unless you are in college and you need just enough gas to get to the mall to buy the shoes you've been dying over. then it's just an issue of mixed up priorities.)
12. hahaha yes, good
13. after the whole taylor swift thing i think bad. i would be afraid what he would say about me on stage in front of millions of people.
14. take natty's approach and bring your own popped popcorn in your purse.
15. good if done right.
16. good.
17. bad. scary.
18. mixed feelings. but i would probably laugh at myself.
haha this was a fun post. i would love to listen in on these conversations with your clients.

ashley mikell said...

sry for the long comment before. i got carried away and then just now i saw how long it really was. oops.

Marcella said...

You are too funny! I can't believe you are on the fence for some of these! I would love to hear your reasonings! haha! I would love to sit in a salon and listen to the girls chat about all of these! TOO FUN! Everyone has their own opinions I guess. We miss you and are still hoping for a get away vacation to visit you and Brian. Maybe I will have to talk Ash and Natty into doing a quick girls trip!

Natalie said...

Hi. These are important issues. I will tell you about the ones I feel strongest about.
Forever 21: sad reality, but I think we gotta stop. Except for the rings and shoes.
Exotic pets: Don't do it. I remember when you almost ordered a penguin online. It's not worth it. They might have a disease or something. Just go to the zoo.
Kanye West: Befriend him. He would really like you. Also, you would be a good example to him.
Hurricane Season: I think it is a good idea.... It would make the vacation more interesting!
Popcorn: The other day LG pulled someones leftovers out of the trash. Gross, but she was fine and it saved us a lot of money!!
Diamonds: I say go for the fake. Then get a nice one when you are like 50 or something.

I miss you and Brian. The Egg is about to come over, wish you were too!

C&C said...

exotic pets--those never turn out well.
buying a house--i'm prob just jealous that we don't have one yet but i do think it's stupid when young couples buy one as soon as they can without thinking about how it will resell/if they seriously want to live in that city long term, etc.
laying out--bad but i still do it.
movie popcorn--mediocre.
and i'm pretty sure i had a lot more thoughts that i just can't remember...

Veronika said...

thanks for your comment on my blog! i for some reason can't follow your blog?! where is the follow button?