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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Muchos fotos...mi amor.

Alright, look. This is a ton of pictures. Hopefully someone looks at them, because they have taken a YEAR TO UPLOAD!!! And sadly, viewers are at the mercy of my photography skills. When we asked a stranger to take a picture of us, it was literally JUST the person asking:


So, here is the collection. I have only taken about 8 other pictures the entire 5 months prior to this...maybe we can keep that in mind.

Pretty hotel in Malaga up on the hill!

Our incredible hotel in Marbella. That blue dot behind it= Mediterranean. Makes me wish I was made of money. Euros, to be exact.

My mom and her mom. Do we look alike? Still deciding.

My mom and her book of Spanish phrases. Our favorite word: fuego.

Prom picture. This made everyone else feel awkward.

Are you kidding?! BEAUTIFUL Marbella!!

Public transportation in Espana, I guess.


Chan's new purse!

The drive to Ronda. Too bad my photography skills are just as NOT pro as my camera. Trust me, it was gorgeous. Like Napa, with Spanish flair and some goats. If you are not a driver afraid of heights, or a nauseous passenger, it's very enjoyable.

We took a little horse and carriage ride. We ran over this cement post...popped right off.

A really, really, really deep gorge in Ronda. And very possibly the most beautiful place in the world.


Odds are good that I took this because we were all screaming. However, please note that the wipers are not currently in action, which is a good sign.

Being tourists. Glad we could use these stickers so our bus driver could find us when we were late. Pizza Hut was calling our names. Nothing like normal American food after everyyything else had tuna on it.

This would be Gibraltar! I love that it is British.

Lots and lots and lots and lots of monkeys on Gibraltar!

That's Africa!

Beautiful mosque in Gibraltar.

Some lady trying to tell us to get on a bus knew we just didn't get it, so she drew it out. You see the bus resemblance? Kind Spaniards. Don't mind that we were riding this bus around the runway. You know, where the planes taxi and bags fly free? How we got there is a mystery. Good tour, though.


ashley mikell said...

OH MY GOSH! This is beautiful. I love these pictures!

ashley mikell said...

and i definitely read. every post.

Camille said...

These pictures are amazing! I WANT TO GO THERE! I must admit, I'm a tad jealous. We are in serious need of a vacation these days.

Natalie said...

Ashton. Your post was the best part of my day. I feel like I just went on the funnest vacation, because I was sitting here crying laughing imagining all the things that could have happened to England Family girls in Spain.I really do feel like I was there. Best part was the cement post that just broke, the monkey on Michelle's head, and the young child getting a ride on the backpack on wheels.... How do I become a Hawker so I can come? I need Keaton's phone number. I already have Colby's.

jandj2006 said...

Okay lady, this looks like the funnest trip ever! I totally agree with Nat, where do I sign up. You are so hilarious and I love reading your blog!

Melissa & Chris Wood said...

Ash it's Kristi just wanted to say love you and hi! and hi to Chantal too, love her as a blonde!

Megan said...

Yay! Finally some pictures and stories of the trip. Chan & Kathy weren't offering any info the last time I was up there. And can Ijust say how dang beautiful you two are! Love it! Thanks for sharing

Emily said...

Looks like so much fun! Someday I will make it to Spain. Probably when I'm old and gray, but who cares? haha