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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Countdown to Friday!

Kind of a big deal wedding on...Friday, wahoo! We should take time off work. My excitement is due in part to my mom, who has always been a fan of England's royal family. She was living in London when Diana got married and even camped out for a couple days to ensure a front row view of Diana heading to the church. That was a real time investment for history, Mom.

What a fairytale. I wish I were friends with Kate like I wish I were friends with the Olsen twins.


Jess said...

you said it sister. olsen twins and princess kate as bffs = my life is complete

ashley mikell said...

hahaha! me too. jordan let me buy a life magazine all about them for $16. We were at lowe's. He got some tools I got the magazine.

Jessy Carlisle said...

Don't even worry I skipped work today to watch the DVR of it and all the specials.