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Sunday, February 13, 2011

let's get yo' hurr did.

I have quite a bit to say, but I'll save my comments and opinions for future posts. I just wanted to hop on our blog to confirm that we made it to my family's house, and we're enjoying a refreshingly leisurely life during the no home/no school/no money stage of our marriage. So, as I'm lounging around, eating cream puffs and other wonderful things that my should-be-in-half-marathon-shape-since-its-3-weeks-away-body shouldn't be inhaling (so many treasures in my family's pre-stocked freezer), I decided to do something constructive on my Sunday.

This is it.

Brian landed a temporary job, but still on the hunt for a "real" career. I, on the other hand, am enjoying a dream job. Truly! I get to make people feel confident and attractive every day. I'm working at Belle Cheveux Salon in Las Vegas and would LOVE if you came in to visit! Color, cut, extensions...whatever you need. I'm still trying to build up my clientele, so I have plenty of time to fit you in! Give me a call!


michael. mindy. dane. said...

if only i lived in vegas..

the hawker's said...

next time i'm in vegas, please.

also, please tell me you will be getting a pair of pink blinging hair scissors soon! {if you don't have them already.} that would be sooo awesome!

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

I think I might just have to come to vegas for you to do my hair and lashes. Love my parents freezer....too!! What half marathon are you doing??? You are going to rock it!

Sarah Beck said...

I'm about ready to get my hair done again...oh wait you guys left us! Ha we miss you guys a ton, but hope everything is going well!!!

Marcella said...

I would LOVE to! I might be going to Vegas at the end of March! If I do go I can give you a call. :)

Kim Morley said...

Jessie and I are coming to Vegas the weekend of March 11th.....extensions?