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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How To Be Like DeSean.

I've learned to avoid turning New Year's Resolutions into a public spectacle. Especially by posting them for all of cyber world to observe and then roll their eyes in unison. If I posted Resolutions on my blog, they'd be subjected to some major revision by January 5. By revision, I mean editing. Like, deleting.

But after wandering through Borders the other day and seeing all the self-help books, I decided that this year, one of my Resolutions is worth sticking with. I don't want to blow it off. I want to post it up here and remember so that I won't be one of the people perusing the self-help section. It's easier to successfully make a Resolution part of your norm if you have help and friends doing it with you, right?

On the Borders note, there is something that must be mentioned. Has anyone else realized how cupcake books have monopolized the entire cooking section? Cupcakes have become the relentlessly dominating rival of Emeril, and apparently the main book in the diva-gone-domestic's arsenal of faux recipe books. You know, the kind with pictures so cute you just display them rather than cook with them?

ANYWAY. On to my resolution. Okay, this is up close and personal with Ashton now. Maybe I should have considered making my blog private before I posted this. I feel like a fairly normal, ambitious girl. I'm nice, I think. But not to myself. Don't get me wrong, I don't have low self-esteem...I'm just my harshest critic. I'm so fortunate to have such a sweet husband, but many of my close friends don't, and are so hard on themselves. They can't take a compliment, and are anyone's fan but their own. Isn't that sad? It amazes me that some of my gorgeous friends apparently don't see the same thing in the mirror. It bothers me that my smarty-pants friends were always disappointed in their work. Never thin enough, never beautiful enough, never athletic enough, never smart goes on and on. WHY ARE WE SO SELF-DEPRECIATING?? Is that just the culture of women? Why do we compliment and encourage friends, but we can't do the same for ourselves? Isn't that somewhat hypocritical?

Well, I learned a little lesson that turned my thoughts around this past football season (more on Green Bay's triumphant Super Bowl appearance later). I had plenty of time to reminisce on meeting my role model for this whole "love yourself" soapbox I guess I'm posting. Let's go back to my freshman year winter break. I was in Las Vegas for the Vegas bowl, and my roommate's brother played for BYU. My roommate Amy and I were on the Strip with them along with some players from Cal, who were also playing in the Vegas Bowl that year.

This little guy with a Cal shirt on came up to Amy and I. He'd later become a pro, and if he was attracted to all that glitters, he definitely found the right girl. Freshman Ashton was blinged out with giant fake diamond earrings that dangled to her neck. Odds are pretty good that Freshman Ashton's makeup had some glitter in it, too. Here's the dialogue:

Guy: HEEEEEY whatchyou upta? You gonna hang out with us? How old are you?
Freshman Ashton: Uhhh...18...
Guy: Oh for real? Us to! Come hang out with us! What's your numba?
(and a bunch of things were said in ebonics that I didn't understand. It's not racist...I'm just a white girl)
Well that's cool. It's cool, it's cool. You just watch me tomorrow. I'm numba 1!! I'm numba 1. You watch me.
Freshman Ashton: Aren't you a freshman? You're not red shirting?
Guy: Nooo girl I'm numba 1! Watch me!

So, I did. In between eating churros, I watched that little guy run like I'd never seen a little guy run. That freshman was the entire reason Cal beat BYU. I looked up who this #1 character was on the roster...DeSean Jackson. I watched him his whole career in college, and then I watched his career in the NFL. I continue to watch him on all the highlights on ESPN. Are you kidding me? I should have married the kid.

If I ever ran into him again, I pray that he wouldn't recognize me post-freshman 15. Still, I'd have to let him know that he is my role model for nothing else other than being so confident. I want to be like DeSean. That's my cheesy New Year's Resolution I'm still working on. I want to be so self-confident, feel so unstoppable, and love myself so much that I'd tell a total stranger to watch out for me.

And while it's possible that my little friend may be slightly ego maniacal, I believe it's that attitude of self-worth to the 10000 degree that pushed him as far as he has gone. So, at least for this month, summon the DeSean in you. Google him if you need inspiration. Who are you not to be the more gorgeous, talented person that's ever graced your city? When people compliment you, believe them. When you do something great, acknowledge it. That's my personal resolution that I'd like it issue to my close friends, because it sincerely makes me sad when you don't recognize how talented and gorgeous you are.


the hawker's said...

haha amen sista! i loved this post! i'm going to do it. i'm going to try to be more like DeSean. {and you. because you are amazing, and a post like this already shows great self-confidence.}

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

WOW!!! GIRL, I LOVED THIS POST!!! It really is crazy how hard we are on ourselves and how hard it is to see what everyone else see's in us!! YOU ARE AMAZING and the prettiest girl in the world....I LOVE your resolution, I want to join in!!
Cupcake section is ridiculous.

Natalie said...

Ashton. This post is exactly why I am so grateful you are my best friend. You have always had the gift of noticing the good in others and have always strived to make everyone realize just how really great they are. I have benefited from this talent of yours more than you know!