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Sunday, December 19, 2010

i have no idea what my life will be like past next week. for real.

At what point does "real life" begin? I thought I'd start this supposed "real life" after high school, then after I graduated college, and again after I got married. I was eager to finish cosmetology school so we could move and begin "real life."

But, uh...what exactly is real life? Was I implying that my life before it was not real? Real life must just be a state of (my) mind, or so anti-climatic I didn't recognize it's beginning.

Anyway, we MOVED from Utah! I thought I'd be more excited, and after 10 addresses in 4 states in the past 9 years, you'd think I'd be used to watching years of memories fade away in the rear view mirror driving away. Still, it made me emotional. Because I never let school get in the way of fun, those were the best years of my life.

Brian is officially DONE with school this month! My little graduate. I'm so proud. Unfortunately, there has never been a worse time to graduate from the Construction Management program. We have plenty of connections in this industry...none of which are working. He's had great internships...with some companies that don't exist anymore. So, back to the drawing board. Brian has a handful of job offers in TX and AZ contingent on how the economy progresses in the next couple months, so in anticipation of "real life," again, we are currently in limbo and living at my family's house in Las Vegas.

I have taken the liberty of searching for back-up jobs for him online and have submitted his resume from companies in California to Dubai. You're welcome, Brian.

Favorite company I've found: Gunby Construction. I'd send a cover letter with my Pokey costume.

We have an idea of where we will end up, but if any of you know of commercial or residential construction going on and want to help Brian get a job sometime SOON, let us know! :)

If you don't hear from us again, just know we got sick of this "bad economy" crap and moved to a Caribbean island, where we are making elaborate sand castles and charging tourists to take pictures with them.


Brooke and Josh said...

2 things. First, the economy still seems semi decent in texas which is great...Two, you don't want to live in texas!! ...Ok that last part is a stretch but Brooke and I have this love hate relationship with Houston and are moving to Arizona next year. If all else fails, go and get your masters in architecture where people will practically beg you to work for them. A friend of ours is out here doing his at Rice and is moving to Paris for a paid internship.


The Hungry Runner Girl said...

You moved without a farewell yogurt trip...I am a little upset. Real life.....oh how crappy it can be sometimes. Bummer about no jobs, but everything will work out, I say you go to the caribbean either way and we will come visit.