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Friday, November 19, 2010

As a general rule, I am not friends with Harry Potter-ers.

Ok, I lie. I am. But our friendship is estranged during the movie premieres. And please, don’t offer me any of those Harry Potter jellybeans.

I've read some of the books. I even went to a movie or two. I TRIED! I don’t know…fantasy is just not my cup of tea. In fact, I find it disturbing. I cried during the Wizard of Oz when I was forced against my will to participate in a field trip to the play in 5th grade. I hate Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Oompah Loompas could have a cameo in Poe's dark writing, for all I know). I refuse to watch Alice in Wonderland. Narnia? Don’t even ask.

It’s just strange. Strange to the point of scary. Is there a synthesis of the two?
Anyway, I DO love this…and it has to do with Harry Potter. Who knew? My friend Marcella sent this wonderful news story to me. I DIED. Thank you KSL. - Utahns trying to make quidditch catch on

Don’t even act like you are surprised to see this. We all knew it was coming. And a World Cup? Can’t deny that I’d be first in line for tickets. I told Marcella I’d have to get waterproof mascara so my face isn’t dripping like it was the 3rd time I watched this great video.

You think this is a BYOB (bring your own broom) thing? Mine would love a moment of glory, although the likelihood of me impelling someone would probably be dangerously high.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I don't want to grow up and get boring.

So, I am not letting myself. I thoroughly ADORE dressing up, and now that my "going out" routine has changed significantly since being deprived of a largely shared wardrobe, Natalie's iTunes collection, and some forgotten dance moves, I have to take advantage of every presented opportunity. That is, to both dress up and go out.

Halloween, HELLO...a major convenience.

One such occasion = Witches Night, one of my favorite nights of the year.

Our group is down to 3. Sad.

(Macarena witches. Love it.)

Second occasion = the real deal. Halloween. Naturally, my sweet husband was working that night, so attempting to woo him and actually having a legitimate reason to dress up was out of the question.

Instead, a friend who will remain unnamed and I searched out masked costumed. Masked? Yes, so we could run around wherever anonymously and do anything we wanted without having our identity revealed. Unleashed and unashamed.

Obviously, this girl is my bff for a good reason. The duo was supposed to be Gumby and Pokey, but by the time I ignored my inclination to exercise some maturity and returned to the store, the Gumbies were sold out. 2 Pokies? Sure.

Oh, by the way…my husband got off work early and his parents happened to be in town. I had to explain to the in-laws why their son’s 24 y/o wife couldn’t come to dinner.

I just really love this pic… Brian and his siblings had matching costumes his mom made. Aww.