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Friday, October 29, 2010

Talents I Do Not Possess.

Even with the constant threat of my eyeballs becoming permanently crossed looming over my head, I just can't get off the computer. Seriously, I hope I am not straining my eyes squinting at the screen in my window-less home. This would be the perfect residence for someone allergic to sunlight or in need of a bomb shelter. I've loved my quaint, humble abode...but now we're getting over it.

Still, I had to get on here to inform the public of two very talented friends.

Sarah is now a certified personal trainer. Obviously, she has a bomb body…let’s all try to look like her. She recently posted a question about motives. What motivates me to exercise and eat well, you ask? Uh, thinking of the multitude of bad things I’ve eaten. Going to a school that shared a parking lot with Krispy Kreme. The daily Victoria’s Secret ads in my e-mail. Discovering McDonald’s drinks are only $1 right now and I can pay for it with car change and pocket lint.

Well, that’s what SHOULD motivate me, but it’s making me hungry. It’s never the exercise that’s the problem. It’s the impossibility of passing up wonderfully horrible foods.

So, if you’re like me and lack self control, maybe Sarah can motivate us both. Check her out. If you’re in the Salt Lake/ Holladay area, she will hook. You. Up.

OR, I’ll try to convince her to continue her education somewhere in the um…cosmetic surgery field. Then, if she just can’t waste anymore time struggling to train those of us who insist on shoving fries into our mouths, she can simply offer lip. Win-win situation, and a round of brownie sundaes on me.

Alisha is a favorite ex. As an ex-roommate, I know she has great taste because of the sprinkling of her belongings from her room to the garage (belongings consisting of everything from pants to cans of tuna). Until she moved to Paris, I’d occasionally stop to admire these little golden nuggets (STOP. SIDENOTE: The Golden Nugget in Las Vegas has $1 shrimp cocktails! SO GOOD! Sarah, I need an intervention!). Truly…impeccable style. And impeccable personality. Meet this girl just once, please.

Anyway, luckily for the rest of the world, she’s gone into DESIGNING! She’s got the FIDM connection and started her own wedding dress company specializing in creating one of a kind, custom dresses. It’s online. Not even sketchy. I’ve seen the dresses with my own, uncrossed eyes. BEAUTIFUL! I would’ve insisted she memorized Ines di Santo photos, then slaved away sweatshop style in our basement making my wedding dress HAD I KNOWN SHE POSSESSED THIS TALENT. I mean, I’ve always admired her style…but wow.

Blown away by both girls. World, give them your business.


The Hungry Runner Girl said...

I think we win the prize of bad eating when we lived in Hawaii!!! That was ridiculous. I am loving that you are posting more often. Keep it up, I enjoy stalking you!