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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Over a year of Mrs. Scurr-dom.

I've had this cute boy all to myself for over 365 days now. I don't think anyone would disagree that he's one of the cutest guys ever.

But don't agree, either.

I'll avoid getting all mushy, because reading others' love confessions online makes me uncomfortable. And it's weird. If you do it, expect to be abolished from our "entourage" list, and possible Facebook. I WILL say, though, marrying Brian was the most amazing day of my life that I wish I could relive yearly. My family will agree that I couldn't have done better. I've never been happier! He always makes me laugh, not to mention he still loves me even when I spill all over both of us. Like, daily. Footage of the Great Coke Explosion of 2009:

Sorry for exploding the entire thing all over your car en route to a reception. Thanks for still loving me!

Between work and school, we missed the entire summer. Our break consisted of about 5 days when we were VERYYY fortunate to escape real life! Thanks to some help from friends and family, my sweetie of a year and I spent our first anniversary celebrating like we weren't poor in Florida! SOO fun. I always love the a good trip to the East Coast.

We stayed in a little place right in between Fort Lauderdale and Miami. You should seriously consider going there. Close your eyes and picture this: a little beach town, a 2 mile boardwalk full of stores and little shops (and ice cream galore), rows of boutique hotels, palm trees, and surprisingly wonderful water. Ok, now spray your Hawaiian Aloha Febreeze and you'll feel like you came to the beach with us.

Here are Brian and I just lying under the palm trees.

Arguably one of the nastiest pictures of me, but I had to post it to demonstrate the humidity. INSANE. I had this cone for like, oh, a block. It completely melted all over my hand and cascaded off my elbow, which hasn't happened since an incident coming down a McDonald's slide when I was 9 or something.

Fun little bikes!

Our hotel was right on this cute little boardwalk!

Brian surprised me on our anniversary with breakfast in bed and an unexpected call from the spa! Best of all, I just loved having a whole weekend with my husband. With our busy schedules, I don't even see him enough to realize I HAVE a husband. I'm eagerly looking forward to spending more time with him in a few weeks when things slow down. Love you Brian Scurr!

Lots and lots of other things going on (concerts, running, photoshoots, school), but I wanted to write a quick post to show & thank those who helped us out and informed us of some sweet hook ups. Thank you thank you!!


Megan Bleazard said...

You guys are so cute :)

Janae and Bil Bil said...

Happy Anniversary!! Please post more because honestly your blog is one of my very favorites! Your humidity photo reminds me of our bus ride photos...yet you are still gorgeous, not fair! Looks like Florida was amazing! Love you!!!

Jess said...

love the picture of the gross couple on the beach! at first i looked at it and thought it was you and bryan but after some thorough investigating i realized it wasn't! you're the best and i second what janae said!