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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hair Show!

Hair school status: Passed the 1400 hour mark a little while ago, which just happens to be the national average of state requirements (weird wording, I know). Utah is making me trek along for another 600 hours. Oh, and shout out to Katelyn who will be done in Texas soon!

Ok, so I'm a little late posting. This is from Taylor Andrew's annual hair show in May. We slaved away working on choreography, hair/hair pieces, make-up, finding models, getting sponsors, editing music, and costuming for MONTHS, so I'm not hesitant to brag and post a thousand pictures. "Fairytales" was the general theme of the show, and each group was assigned a segment. Our group had Pirates of the Caribbean. The work was worth it! We had an attendance big enough to make it the largest hair show in Utah.

Our group needed a model last minute, so I was the substitute...I even had to take Model Walking 101 (no, really). It turned out to be SO much fun (but I’m okay with just doing it once). My mom flew up for the event, and my aunts, cousins, and grandma accompanied my sweet husband to the show.

Our whole group (check out our Johnny Depp look-alike):

Here's our model! McKall and I MADE this was our baby. We were so proud. I mean, her hair and make-up took some effort, but neither of us knew we could sew!

These braids took HOURS.

Toy Story inspired.

This Avatar group had incredible makeup!

INCREDIBLE. I do have to say, although there are times when I think hair school would make a unbeatable reality show, mine has some ridiculous talent. In fact (more bragging, sorry), TWO people from Taylor Andrews are nominated for a NAHA! This is cosmetology's Grammy Awards. To be nominated is unbelievable, and if you're pretty much set in your career. Check this out to see the finalists' work, specifically Chad Seale in the texture and avant garde categories, and Josh Parkin in the student category AMAZING

If you're still reading this, you really are my friend, aren't you? Thanks.

T-minus 560 hours.


Morgan said...

You look like such a natural on stage... you may have missed your calling.

Janae and Bil Bil said...

You made that dress!!! Holy crap! Ashton you are so gorgeous! You could make a living off of modeling!!

The Roberts Family said...

love it!!

Natalie said...

You made that dress Ashton! I am proud! And I really your friend cause I read the whole thing twice.

Matt and Katelyn said...

THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!!! So great. love you and see yo ina month. HOLLA!