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Saturday, May 15, 2010

We got it from our mamas...

"A daughter's greatest failure in life is that she'll end up just like her mother; a son's is, he won't."

While I don't necessarily know how accurate the first part of this quote is (I hope I turn into my mom...for the most part!), it's definitely one I've taken to heart. I was living in Hawaii one fantastically tropical Mother's Day, and a woman on a walk overheard me leaving my mom a message. In passing, she rattled off a couple Mother's Day quotes...and that was it. Maybe she'd read one too many Hallmark cards. Still, I've always remembered this one!

I won't get too cheesy, BUT--

Some things we love about Leila: I can talk to her about books! She's the rock of her family. She's smart, competitive, and knows her sports. "You can always hear voice above yelling above everyone else's at sporting events on the video camera." Direct quote from Brian. She's my hero as I can only hope to aspire to this level of sports...interest.

Some things we love about Michelle: Well, that she doesn't know her sports (I like that). She's THE nicest person in the world and always puts in 110% to whatever she's doing. Most amazing party/event planner of all time, best hostess, and unbelievable dessert maker. I could have hundreds vouch for me.

Lucky us :)


leila said...

Thanks Ashton!

leila said...

The reason I am the loudest is because I am the one holding the camera!!