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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mein Deutsch ist nicht sehr gut.

So many topics to blog about, but one matter of business trumps them all. My brother comes home from Germany on THURSDAY!!! FINALLY!

(Looks a little chilly.)

Before he left, people insisted the 2 years without him would fly by.

Yeah, right.

These must be the same people who told me that beginning my marriage as a poor student would be the most fun time of my life (being a NEWLYWED, yes; being below poverty level, I could pass on).

Anyway, I'm getting antsy! He's been missing in an awful lot of pictures and memories. I'm ready to have one of my best friends back! And I'm secretly crossing my fingers he has an accent so he can talk like the pigs on Shrek or the guy in the Volkswagen commercials. Come on, at least for a day.

Sehen sie am Donnerstag, Bruder!


Emily said...

YaY! I'm excited to have my friend back!

Morgan said...

They do come back with accents! You'll love it :)

Matt and Katelyn said...

Yay! Tomorrow is your day:) Have fun!

leila said...

I'm gonna cry!!

ashley mikell said...

yay!!! colby could be the next "seester lucy guy"