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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Does blogspot even allow this many pictures?

We recently enjoyed (THOROUGHLY enjoyed, loved, fancied, and all other synonyms describing our delight to be breaking away from "real life") a trip to the East Coast. Virginia/D.C. area is breathtaking, even before Spring has hit the region full throttle. It only rained a day or two, and the rest of the time we loved the ideal sight-seeing weather.

Catching up on the country's history was fascinating. It's amazing how many little details I had overlooked. We had a first-hand look at where the British colonies were first settled, wars were fought and surrendered, and important documents were signed. Yorktown, Jamestown, and Williamsburg contain some of America's richest history. If you've ever been to Europe, you probably agree with me in that our country's recent birth (comparatively) doesn't lend to much history. Except for the East, the United States doesn't have many old buildings dating past the late 1700s, so it was fascinating to see.

Also worth mentioning: I have a knew obsession with Pocahontas. The Disney story is so misleading! Her true story makes me sad.

We visited the nation's capitol and were deeply moved by all of the displays the Holocaust Museum offered. The Smithsonian had SO many museums...I could have spent the whole week there! We saw the Declaration of Independence and other documents. I wonder if all the men that signed knew it would be around for so long, they would have pressed a little harder.

Also loved: saying hi to Obama at the White House, beautiful bike rides, TONS of good food, sleeping in a bigger bed, some shopping, Busch Gardens, being with my family, and even some SWIMMING!

Yeah, yeah, I know. Picture overload. But look, I have to post plenty so that anytime I'm on my blog page, I can look at the pictures and pretend that I'm not in Utah. Kind of like an out of body experience, but not as creepy and probably less painful.

Some pictures, in no particular order:

These gorgeous buildings = our place of residence for a week. Seriously, Virginia is SO pretty.

First of all, our luggage actually arrived. My family's luggage gets lost at least once a year.

Capital Building at night. Gorgeous.

Keaton and Brian in deep contemplation.

WWII Memorial.

You get the point.

Busting out the map in D.C.

Busch Gardens! Greatest amusement park everrr. My 10 year old sister was determined to go on a roller coaster (this place has some CRAZY roller coasters, might I add), so we took her on the first one we came across...which happened to be one of the most intense. Oops. Ask her about it.

Being the incredible basketball player Brian is, we thought he had a pretty good chance of winning a big prize! A Wii, an iPod...

...he won a basketball. Pretty sure he still had the high score of the day though.

Haha I love them.

We LOVED Williamsburg. I remembered it a little differently when I was 10!

No one in my family wears normal colored shoes. It's a genetic thing, I guess.

This tavern we ate at was well worth the wait. We later found out it was haunted...

Where the Declaration was signed...the chair on the end is an original!

A cute little garden in Colonial Williamsburg.

Made some time for a little outlet shopping :)

Even on a cloudy day, it's BEAUTIFUL.

The trenches from the Revolutionary War are still in great shape! SOO cool. SOO green.

A small cannon ball STILL stuck in a building from the Revolution.

A cloudy day on the coast. So pretty. I loved all the lakes and bays everywhere!!

My brother preaching in a church in Colonial Jamestown.

On a replica of a ship arriving with supplies for the colonists in Jamestown.

You guys. Let's go back for Thanksgiving.

Anyway, lots more pictures to post soon, but I'll give everyone a break for a while!


ashley mikell said...

i'm sooo jealous. i want to go there! thanks for coming and eating burgers with us! it was so fun and i'm glad we got to hang out outside. can't wait to see you tomorrow! and don't forget we owe you in n out!

Amy Vanus said...

will your family adopt me please. i just love them :)

The Perkinsons said...

Dont I count as an official member of the fam? Why didnt I make the cut for the trip? :) Looks AMAZING!! So jealous but so happy you had a fabulous time. Love you and miss you guys!

michael. mindy. dane. said...

This is random, but that outfit in one of the first pictures...white shirt, yellow something, and an awesome necklace? That one? I'm in love with it.

The Roberts Family said...

im so jealous!!! and the pictures are so cute!

Megan Bleazard said...

What a fun vacation! You look fabulous! I loved that you all had awesome shoes on! I want some.

Morgan said...

What a fun trip! You're good, I always forget to take pictures on trips like that. I come back with maybe 3.

Jayci said...

Awww SO fun. Colonial Williamsburg is the BEST. :D The Judds love that place at Christmastime. I love all your outfits! So swank-diddly-swanky!

Linda said...

What a great trip!!!

Rachel Sharp said...

Yay for DC!! You should probably plan a trip out there sometime this fall because, wait for it...I think I'm moving out there! Whooo! Out of Provo! Call me and we'll chat:).