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Monday, January 25, 2010

To Clear the Record...

The previously mentioned "Baby Wood" is referring to Melissa & Chris Wood's child. Not mine (seeing as I don't yet know what I'd like my baby's first outfit to be, it would be completely unpractical).

Thanks for all the texts though! :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

'09 all mine.

This year, I was a little pensive to see the year come to an end. It could be because I’m slightly unsure on the pronunciation of 2010 (is it twenty-ten or two thousand ten? I can’t decide), but I’m pretty convinced it’s because it was the best year of my life. Everrrr. Recap? Sure.

I rang in 2009 after my sequin-clad self successfully ditched my future husband. Oops. Brian came all the way down to Las Vegas, and after hanging out with him and some guys for a little bit, I insisted on being with my girlfriends instead…which is where I had this great photo op to showcase the side of my face. Also, shout out to the creeper in the back.

And that was the beginning of my storybook year.

Luckily for me, Brian was just as sweet post-ditching, and the rest of 2009 (as well as my life) just fell into place and flew by. I got to be a teacher, graduated college with both a Bachelor’s AND a fiancĂ©, had an exciting job, multiple bridal showers, and married my favorite person in the world. I even have had the opportunity to begin working on a longtime project I'd hoped for…hair school! The year was sprinkled with long talks with old friends, and visits from family I haven’t seen in a while. I got some great in-laws. I was even able to go to both Disneyland AND Disneyworld in the same year! Also not to be overlooked: I ate the best granola I’ve ever had at Bellagio, and the best dessert I’ve ever had at N9ne. Delicacies like that don’t come around every day.

I thought of all these things as I stood with Brian and let the last minutes of 2009 melt away into memory. Past tense. The year 2009 will always be the amber of my mind’s eye, but I will never again get to live it. Isn’t that the case with every year, though? We race through the whole year, trying to scramble through each day, and then it’s over. I learned in 2009 to (try to) make a conscious effort to luxuriate in every minute. Yes, “luxuriate.” (The common “Enjoy each moment!” phrase has a blasĂ© air to it. As any busy person would know, minutes are too important to use a mundane phrase like that.) I counted down each day until I was done teaching, until I graduated, until I got married…why? Those are moments in time I’ll always want to relive. Enjoy the doing. Soon it will be a page in your life’s script, stored away in your mind, only available for reminiscing.

Don’t get me wrong; we’re very much looking forward to the exciting opportunities 2010 will present! Up to this point, we have no idea what jobs we will be applying for, where we will be living, or even how we're going to pay the bills 6 months from now.This will definitely be a year of big decisions and crossroads!
Some things we DO know and are excited for:
Brian graduating
Ashton graduating...if that's the title you give those who have completed 2000 hours of cosmetology school.
Moving out of Utah!!!
Ashton running her first half marathon…at DISNEYLAND!
Brian’s brother coming home from his mission in Chile
Ashton’s brother coming home from his mission in Germany
Going to Virginia/DC area for Spring Break
Taking a summer vacation…TBA.
Our first anniversary!
Both of us finding employment…like, with a salary.
And I’ll be honest…baby Woods will be a highlight of the year, too!