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Sunday, December 19, 2010

i have no idea what my life will be like past next week. for real.

At what point does "real life" begin? I thought I'd start this supposed "real life" after high school, then after I graduated college, and again after I got married. I was eager to finish cosmetology school so we could move and begin "real life."

But, uh...what exactly is real life? Was I implying that my life before it was not real? Real life must just be a state of (my) mind, or so anti-climatic I didn't recognize it's beginning.

Anyway, we MOVED from Utah! I thought I'd be more excited, and after 10 addresses in 4 states in the past 9 years, you'd think I'd be used to watching years of memories fade away in the rear view mirror driving away. Still, it made me emotional. Because I never let school get in the way of fun, those were the best years of my life.

Brian is officially DONE with school this month! My little graduate. I'm so proud. Unfortunately, there has never been a worse time to graduate from the Construction Management program. We have plenty of connections in this industry...none of which are working. He's had great internships...with some companies that don't exist anymore. So, back to the drawing board. Brian has a handful of job offers in TX and AZ contingent on how the economy progresses in the next couple months, so in anticipation of "real life," again, we are currently in limbo and living at my family's house in Las Vegas.

I have taken the liberty of searching for back-up jobs for him online and have submitted his resume from companies in California to Dubai. You're welcome, Brian.

Favorite company I've found: Gunby Construction. I'd send a cover letter with my Pokey costume.

We have an idea of where we will end up, but if any of you know of commercial or residential construction going on and want to help Brian get a job sometime SOON, let us know! :)

If you don't hear from us again, just know we got sick of this "bad economy" crap and moved to a Caribbean island, where we are making elaborate sand castles and charging tourists to take pictures with them.

Friday, November 19, 2010

As a general rule, I am not friends with Harry Potter-ers.

Ok, I lie. I am. But our friendship is estranged during the movie premieres. And please, don’t offer me any of those Harry Potter jellybeans.

I've read some of the books. I even went to a movie or two. I TRIED! I don’t know…fantasy is just not my cup of tea. In fact, I find it disturbing. I cried during the Wizard of Oz when I was forced against my will to participate in a field trip to the play in 5th grade. I hate Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Oompah Loompas could have a cameo in Poe's dark writing, for all I know). I refuse to watch Alice in Wonderland. Narnia? Don’t even ask.

It’s just strange. Strange to the point of scary. Is there a synthesis of the two?
Anyway, I DO love this…and it has to do with Harry Potter. Who knew? My friend Marcella sent this wonderful news story to me. I DIED. Thank you KSL. - Utahns trying to make quidditch catch on

Don’t even act like you are surprised to see this. We all knew it was coming. And a World Cup? Can’t deny that I’d be first in line for tickets. I told Marcella I’d have to get waterproof mascara so my face isn’t dripping like it was the 3rd time I watched this great video.

You think this is a BYOB (bring your own broom) thing? Mine would love a moment of glory, although the likelihood of me impelling someone would probably be dangerously high.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I don't want to grow up and get boring.

So, I am not letting myself. I thoroughly ADORE dressing up, and now that my "going out" routine has changed significantly since being deprived of a largely shared wardrobe, Natalie's iTunes collection, and some forgotten dance moves, I have to take advantage of every presented opportunity. That is, to both dress up and go out.

Halloween, HELLO...a major convenience.

One such occasion = Witches Night, one of my favorite nights of the year.

Our group is down to 3. Sad.

(Macarena witches. Love it.)

Second occasion = the real deal. Halloween. Naturally, my sweet husband was working that night, so attempting to woo him and actually having a legitimate reason to dress up was out of the question.

Instead, a friend who will remain unnamed and I searched out masked costumed. Masked? Yes, so we could run around wherever anonymously and do anything we wanted without having our identity revealed. Unleashed and unashamed.

Obviously, this girl is my bff for a good reason. The duo was supposed to be Gumby and Pokey, but by the time I ignored my inclination to exercise some maturity and returned to the store, the Gumbies were sold out. 2 Pokies? Sure.

Oh, by the way…my husband got off work early and his parents happened to be in town. I had to explain to the in-laws why their son’s 24 y/o wife couldn’t come to dinner.

I just really love this pic… Brian and his siblings had matching costumes his mom made. Aww.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Talents I Do Not Possess.

Even with the constant threat of my eyeballs becoming permanently crossed looming over my head, I just can't get off the computer. Seriously, I hope I am not straining my eyes squinting at the screen in my window-less home. This would be the perfect residence for someone allergic to sunlight or in need of a bomb shelter. I've loved my quaint, humble abode...but now we're getting over it.

Still, I had to get on here to inform the public of two very talented friends.

Sarah is now a certified personal trainer. Obviously, she has a bomb body…let’s all try to look like her. She recently posted a question about motives. What motivates me to exercise and eat well, you ask? Uh, thinking of the multitude of bad things I’ve eaten. Going to a school that shared a parking lot with Krispy Kreme. The daily Victoria’s Secret ads in my e-mail. Discovering McDonald’s drinks are only $1 right now and I can pay for it with car change and pocket lint.

Well, that’s what SHOULD motivate me, but it’s making me hungry. It’s never the exercise that’s the problem. It’s the impossibility of passing up wonderfully horrible foods.

So, if you’re like me and lack self control, maybe Sarah can motivate us both. Check her out. If you’re in the Salt Lake/ Holladay area, she will hook. You. Up.

OR, I’ll try to convince her to continue her education somewhere in the um…cosmetic surgery field. Then, if she just can’t waste anymore time struggling to train those of us who insist on shoving fries into our mouths, she can simply offer lip. Win-win situation, and a round of brownie sundaes on me.

Alisha is a favorite ex. As an ex-roommate, I know she has great taste because of the sprinkling of her belongings from her room to the garage (belongings consisting of everything from pants to cans of tuna). Until she moved to Paris, I’d occasionally stop to admire these little golden nuggets (STOP. SIDENOTE: The Golden Nugget in Las Vegas has $1 shrimp cocktails! SO GOOD! Sarah, I need an intervention!). Truly…impeccable style. And impeccable personality. Meet this girl just once, please.

Anyway, luckily for the rest of the world, she’s gone into DESIGNING! She’s got the FIDM connection and started her own wedding dress company specializing in creating one of a kind, custom dresses. It’s online. Not even sketchy. I’ve seen the dresses with my own, uncrossed eyes. BEAUTIFUL! I would’ve insisted she memorized Ines di Santo photos, then slaved away sweatshop style in our basement making my wedding dress HAD I KNOWN SHE POSSESSED THIS TALENT. I mean, I’ve always admired her style…but wow.

Blown away by both girls. World, give them your business.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bow Chika Bow Wow

Excuse our absence from the blog world as I felt I should undergo a mental health rehabilitation after I finished hair school in September. It was in the best interest of us all. Taylor Andrews was great, but when being surrounded 60+ younger girls’ escapades 48 hours a week tried my sanity, I pretended to be a reality show contestant. I read magazine headlines now with great empathy for Heidi Montag and Kourtney Kardashian (it’s not their fault they’re lives are jacked). Truly though, I learned the most I felt I could from our instructors and am glad I continued my post-graduate education at cosmetology school. It's definitely no substitute for college or a college social life, but there are few things in this world more gratifying than making someone feel beautiful. Even if it is only for 4-6 weeks.

I’m thrilled to announce I’m back to not so anxious, happy, sane Ashton, so I can initiate communication with the outside world again. Ok, so I wasn't THAT bad, but still. I needed a break from life.

In my absence from cyber world, my old friends kept me entertained in REAL life and we did so many fun things! AND…I finally took pictures!

Backstreet Boys concert with my friends and sweet husband.

Favorite part of the night: eating popcorn we found under someone's chair.

Loved this car we parked next to!

I seriously have the FUNNEST HUSBAND EVER!! I don't care that it's not a word!!!

Dave Matthews...maybe one of Brian's favorite events of the year. I think Dave is boring, but there were 5483780297348502 other people there who thought otherwise. His guitar player bore a strange resemblance to Lil Wayne. If I didn't know he was in jail, I would have paid more attention. Anyway, I loved that Brian loved it, so we enjoyed it.

Cooper’s Run…not really a run, but a little joggy-walk benefitting a preschool. This little guy Cooper had the most disturbingly tragic death, but in memoriam his family just wanted to give back to the community. They did an incredible job and it was truly a touching celebration. Still, my friends and I were teary most of the run.

Even some of Cooper's little preschool classmates participated.

Also, Jackie, Natalie and I ran the Disneyland Half Marathon! INCREDIBLE. Disney was so organized, even with over 12,000 participants. We ran through Disneyland (ALL the characters were there!!), California Adventure, and Angel Stadium. Thanks for letting me steal your pics Natty.

Early enough to not have realized how far down my shirt have fallen. Sorry.
PS Jackie ran this after having a baby...she'd been up since like 2:30 AM, then stayed up til 4:30, ran 13.1 miles, and then went to Disneyland. Yeah...I know.

I'm sure I was in the Port-O-Potty behind them. Truly, running is a total cleanse.

Before I graduated, I was able to assist NAHA nominee Chad Seale at a live photo shoot in Trolley Square. This is 100% his work, of course, but a couple of friends and I loved being able to help make hairpieces and observe the whole makeup, wardrobe, and photography process. I adore the last picture.

The girl overseeing wardrobe had such fun pieces.

Awesome. So happy to be a part of that shoot!

I love love love (um, obsess over?) photo shoots and shows now, whether it’s being involved or part of the audience. It’s a complete fantasy world where extreme is good. High fashion lets your creativity go unreserved, and overindulgence in texture, color, and height is appreciated. Unless you’re into some certain drugs, nowhere else does this magical realm exist.

Oh, not to be overlooked, I beheld with mine own eyes the ugliest dog I have ever seen in my life. Luckily, I had my camera so I could snap a picture and then gawk at it later. Unfortunately, you can’t see much from the picture. Imagine this: Great Dane+Poodle+Pug eyes. Trust me, it was hideous.

Not hideous = Zoe.
My family finally got a puppy after I left the house. I guess the ever-growing hamster/fish graveyard in the backyard got to my Dad after rodent funeral services for both Beyonce (my sister's hamster) and Beyonce 2 (Beyonce's successor). RIP Beyonces.

This little puppy is the baby of our family now. Zoe is a Maltese Shih Tzu mix, and gets to have lots of pictures on my blog considering she's undoubtedly the cutest thing to grace my blog page.

So anyway, now that I'm done with school, I'm spending some time at home and am plotting to take over the world. Brian is done with school in December! Woooooooooo. After visiting Las Vegas and Phoenix the last couple weeks to look for jobs and places to live, I’ve decided Plan A, Plan B, and Plan B2 will all likely fail. I’m continuing with my life’s blueprint on a blank page so that when Brian is graduated, we can hit the ground running. Or at least on our feet.

And hopefully in cute shoes.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Over a year of Mrs. Scurr-dom.

I've had this cute boy all to myself for over 365 days now. I don't think anyone would disagree that he's one of the cutest guys ever.

But don't agree, either.

I'll avoid getting all mushy, because reading others' love confessions online makes me uncomfortable. And it's weird. If you do it, expect to be abolished from our "entourage" list, and possible Facebook. I WILL say, though, marrying Brian was the most amazing day of my life that I wish I could relive yearly. My family will agree that I couldn't have done better. I've never been happier! He always makes me laugh, not to mention he still loves me even when I spill all over both of us. Like, daily. Footage of the Great Coke Explosion of 2009:

Sorry for exploding the entire thing all over your car en route to a reception. Thanks for still loving me!

Between work and school, we missed the entire summer. Our break consisted of about 5 days when we were VERYYY fortunate to escape real life! Thanks to some help from friends and family, my sweetie of a year and I spent our first anniversary celebrating like we weren't poor in Florida! SOO fun. I always love the a good trip to the East Coast.

We stayed in a little place right in between Fort Lauderdale and Miami. You should seriously consider going there. Close your eyes and picture this: a little beach town, a 2 mile boardwalk full of stores and little shops (and ice cream galore), rows of boutique hotels, palm trees, and surprisingly wonderful water. Ok, now spray your Hawaiian Aloha Febreeze and you'll feel like you came to the beach with us.

Here are Brian and I just lying under the palm trees.

Arguably one of the nastiest pictures of me, but I had to post it to demonstrate the humidity. INSANE. I had this cone for like, oh, a block. It completely melted all over my hand and cascaded off my elbow, which hasn't happened since an incident coming down a McDonald's slide when I was 9 or something.

Fun little bikes!

Our hotel was right on this cute little boardwalk!

Brian surprised me on our anniversary with breakfast in bed and an unexpected call from the spa! Best of all, I just loved having a whole weekend with my husband. With our busy schedules, I don't even see him enough to realize I HAVE a husband. I'm eagerly looking forward to spending more time with him in a few weeks when things slow down. Love you Brian Scurr!

Lots and lots of other things going on (concerts, running, photoshoots, school), but I wanted to write a quick post to show & thank those who helped us out and informed us of some sweet hook ups. Thank you thank you!!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

How to Be Poor: Adjusting to Your New Economic Status as a Newlywed

Most newlyweds are in the same boat, which makes ballin on a budget a little easier. Here are a few money saving suggestions I’ve thought of, but haven’t as of yet applied all of them to my life. Theoretically, they’re brilliant (?), and I’m still contemplating taking my own advice. If you have any, feel free to share. Money-saving suggestions(and if you find any of these shady, it’s because you’re not desperate enough to think of them):

1. Samples, samples, samples. Check out and sign up for all of their freebies. also sends out free samples. I’m completely stocked on feminine hygienic items for a while.

2. Sample, sample, sample. Ok, this I admit to doing. Any major department store hands oodles of make-up samples, so cash in. If you’re like me and have a whole pharmacy of creams and pills stocked in your bathroom in anticipation of just ONE of your myriad of skin issues to manifest its disgusting self, you can’t wear just any makeup, and the kind you can is priceyyy. So, just walk in and get some fo’ FREE. Here, I’ll walk you through the dialogue: “Hi, my friend told me about (brand)’s (line). Could I try it? What color do you think I wear?” Cha-ching. Free samples last for a whole week. Just make sure to rotate malls. Dishonest? Ehh. I dismiss any guilty thoughts fairly effortlessly. I’ve tried so many that I know what I love, and I’m sure I’ll get sucked in when I do have money to spend.

3. Sample! SAMPLE! SAMPLE! Costco. Do I really need to explain? Go on a lunch date and peruse the isles until you are full. FREE.

4. Sample, sa…just kidding. Keep your cup! Enjoy your drink from lunch; McDonalds, if you’re dollar-menu broke, or Subway, if you’re the discerning underprivileged. Then, keep your cup handy to refresh your beverage throughout the day. It’s also probably a good idea to avoid returning for a couple months, just in case any disgruntled minimum wagers discover your genius plan. If they do, develop an accent, use large words, and deny everything.

5. Room service! Well, not quite, but this is just as close as you can get without getting a room. Do a little research and find out which hotels in your area offer a complimentary continental breakfast. Sleep in at home, and then arrive at the hotel in your pajamas (and possibly retainers and glasses for some extra pizzazz). Stroll in and enjoy! I suspect the key to this is confidence. Just make sure you arrive by about 9…after your efforts, you’ll want a decent selection. Plus, if you don’t get there in time to make your own waffle before the omnipresent messy 8-year-old gets into the batter, it’s not even worth going.

5. Supply and demand. Keep your purse fully stocked with “girly things,” like Advil, tampons, whatever. Next time there is a woman in need, let the bartering begin. You could sell tampons to a desperate woman for at least a dollar each, right? Maybe more. There’s money to be made out there, ladies. The black market of feminine hygiene knows no limits.

Ok, I guess we're not THAT poor. We're THRILLED that Brian has a good job right now. Prior to getting "real" jobs, though, sudden panic-induced ideas like these pop into your head around 2:30 AM...which is about the same time you're staring at the back of your (super cute) husband's head like it's an 8 Ball, wondering if you'll ever land a job and comparing estimated benefits packages that might exist at Coldstone and Burger King.

You don't do that? Oh.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hair Show!

Hair school status: Passed the 1400 hour mark a little while ago, which just happens to be the national average of state requirements (weird wording, I know). Utah is making me trek along for another 600 hours. Oh, and shout out to Katelyn who will be done in Texas soon!

Ok, so I'm a little late posting. This is from Taylor Andrew's annual hair show in May. We slaved away working on choreography, hair/hair pieces, make-up, finding models, getting sponsors, editing music, and costuming for MONTHS, so I'm not hesitant to brag and post a thousand pictures. "Fairytales" was the general theme of the show, and each group was assigned a segment. Our group had Pirates of the Caribbean. The work was worth it! We had an attendance big enough to make it the largest hair show in Utah.

Our group needed a model last minute, so I was the substitute...I even had to take Model Walking 101 (no, really). It turned out to be SO much fun (but I’m okay with just doing it once). My mom flew up for the event, and my aunts, cousins, and grandma accompanied my sweet husband to the show.

Our whole group (check out our Johnny Depp look-alike):

Here's our model! McKall and I MADE this was our baby. We were so proud. I mean, her hair and make-up took some effort, but neither of us knew we could sew!

These braids took HOURS.

Toy Story inspired.

This Avatar group had incredible makeup!

INCREDIBLE. I do have to say, although there are times when I think hair school would make a unbeatable reality show, mine has some ridiculous talent. In fact (more bragging, sorry), TWO people from Taylor Andrews are nominated for a NAHA! This is cosmetology's Grammy Awards. To be nominated is unbelievable, and if you're pretty much set in your career. Check this out to see the finalists' work, specifically Chad Seale in the texture and avant garde categories, and Josh Parkin in the student category AMAZING

If you're still reading this, you really are my friend, aren't you? Thanks.

T-minus 560 hours.