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Saturday, November 28, 2009


I kept trying to think of a more tactful way of saying this, but I'll just be honest. I hate, HATE the cold. I honestly do. I’m not just saying that because it’s what all people in cold weather feel they should say in order to fit in with the rest of our beach-worshipping society. No, I’m really serious. And I feel I have less of a tolerance for the bitter weather as I get older. Brian and I were both raised in the dry, Southwestern heat (and we mean HEAT), and I’m pretty positive that our bodies were biologically adjusted to accommodate those temperatures. I’m also pretty sure we were destined to never leave them. Hence the new blog name. No allusions to us being in any way acrobatic, just the declaration that we hate the cold. In a nice way.

I came across some of our honeymoon pictures, and it made me wonder why we ever came back. Warm, gorgeous...should have stayed.

Check out this water!!! Unreal. It's like a pool.

Oh, Cayman Islands, how I miss all 12 or so miles of you.

Oh yes, and Brian asked me to address a specific issue: people that choose to take the elevator instead of the stairs when the destination is only one floor away. Well, Brian Scurr. After much contemplation, I realized that there is nothing wrong with that at all. In fact, I am the person that does it. Not all the time, depending on my shoe choice, but most of the time. There is nothing like the thrill of the elevator, Brian. Wondering who will be inside the elevator (an old neighbor? a friend? a celebrity? my grandma? do the current passengers’ combined weights already exceed the maximum capacity?), trying to manipulate the elevator’s speed of arrival in your head, the novelty of pressing the buttons and watching them light up, the excitement and tinge of terror surmising the very real possibility of getting stuck in such a confined space with only the contents of your purse and one bar of battery on your cell phone…yes, I can relate to all your button-pushing peers Husband. Sorry. Maybe you should stop being so practical and stop to enjoy the ride.* :)

*Brian, disregard this statement if you are late to class and somehow have to retake it, causing us a prolonged sentence in Utah. Just take the stairs and push people out of the way.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Seriously, the 5th time i've tried to post this.

I was recently deemed as being elusive. . .I'm not. Just busy! We've been all over the place lately. Las Vegas, Newport, Disneyland, Park City. . .Disney Princesses on Ice (just had to throw that in)!

Brian is working now! I’m so proud of him for working while already having his plate full with school work. It’s great news, although after I had worked all summer, I WAS enjoying the financial dictatorship I had almost established in our marriage. Maybe I can still commandeer a room in the house.

And finally, I dyed. I’m brunette now. This deed was done prior to hair school so I wouldn’t do anything too crazy. A few pictures to catch you up.

Why do I always have these huge blank spaces I can't get rid of? Seriously.