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Thursday, September 17, 2009

UVU, Taylor Andrews...We're Professionals.

Check out our new married blog! Doesn't it feel different? When you stop by our page, doesn't it just fill your whole screen and whole room with feelings of marital sophistication? Aren't we just maturity personified? I know. Brian’s made a few cameos on my blog, but now he’s the main man. On OUR blog. Welcome to our uber-girly blog, husband. Now we can officially title our blog something like, “How to be poor,” or “What insurance?”

We can also officially title me as a wife! And for the first few weeks, I felt like I was on a reality show. Newlyweds or something. Newlyweds: The Mormon Edition. Like it wasn’t my actual life, because it was (and any Newlyweds: The Mormon Edition viewer would agree) unreasonably perfect. Fun jobs, big city, trips to CA and AZ, an amazing wedding, and a honeymoon so unbelievable that Nick and Jessica would consider reconciliation just to be back on the show.

After a whirlwind summer in Las Vegas, Brian and I are back in Utah now. Even though I’ve been up here over 4 years, it feels completely different here being married instead of in college living with 7 girls. I can’t understand exactly what I had anticipated. I married my favorite person in the world, but perhaps somewhere in the teeny dark corners of my mind that are so small and unvisited that they could only have been created to store math knowledge, I had envisioned the same lifestyle I experienced living with girls.

I guess I just assumed impromptu dance parties to Britney while getting ready for the day was customary in life. Borrowing clothes, being borrowed from, going to the gym and then stopping to get ice cream right after…isn’t that the archetypal college life? Sure, I’d go grocery shopping with my husband and do wifely things, but we’d hold hands and go teetering down the isle in fun shoes. Yeah, that would be great…if he was gay.

But Brian is very not gay, so we don’t do that; thus the need for acclimatization to this new Utah life and a slight feeling of separation anxiety from those friends who have moved and forsaken me in the arctic. I AM excited to begin married life in the arctic though…because it is just for 15 months, right husband? :)

Brian is in school and loving it, and will continue to love it until next December.
Since I received both my Bachelor and M.R.S. degrees this year, I thought I’d also continue on with my education. I have mixed feelings about not teaching high school this year, but am looking forward to a different direction of schooling. In Brian’s words, I’m going to grad school to study hair follicles and chemical alterations. In laymen’s terms, I’m going to hair school while he finishes up.

So begins Utah part deux.