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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm Getting Scurr-ed.

Contrary to any not-so-predominantly-white high school's definition of the term, my getting Scurr-ed has nothing to do with fear. In fact, it's quite the opposite! I can't wait. :]

Some recent developments in the process:

1. My ENTIRE family (well, all the girls) came down for a family bridal shower. They surprised me with a little "Vegas Vacation." For a couple of relaxing days we stayed on the top floor of the Trump Hotel. AMAZING. There was lots of shopping, talking, eating (Mon Ami Gabi AND Maggiano's...mmm...), laughing, massages, and just great "girl" time.

Eating my favorite Red Velvet cupcakes and guessing a number. As it turns out, they all won massages. Haha

Brian with some of the girls :]

We love us some breakfast in bed.

I had SO much fun with all of my cousins and aunts! I loved that they got to know Brian better. I was thrilled to have so much cousin time and was flattered they all came down.

2. We got all of our engagement pictures back, and LOVE them. I was looking forward to having my amazing friend Alex take them (, but conflicting schedules made this just impossible. Luckily, I snagged a photographer who did an incredible job. Unbelievable, really.

I wanted some traditional engagement pictures, but I also wanted something, you know, cool. Something that I'd see and actually LOOK at, not glance over. They say pictures speak a thousand words, but if that's the case, a good chunk of engagements I've seen are pretty monotone. I wanted my pictures to have a distinct voice, and my photographer definitely fulfilled that request! I'll get some up soon...(Leila, I promise)!


Matt and Katelyn said...

enjoy those tanks while you can annnnnnnnndddddddddd CALL ME BACK!!

the hawker's said...

so fun! and thanks for the plain jayne shout out. (: and i can't wait to see your engagements! who was your photographer?

C&C said...

Cannot wait to see your pictures! I saw the one on your facebook profile and it is HOT! excited to see the rest.

Jayci said...

I'm excited to see your pictures too. That sounds like the funnest 'girl-trip/bridal-shower-with-family' I've ever heard of. You have such a great family for all coming out there for support and for those massages! You would have had to twist my arm. ;oP You look so pretty!! I want you to be personal shopper, please. :o)

leila said...

I can hardly wait, you are a doll. Leila

Kasie said...

I am super jealous about your vegas trip! I LOVE vegas! Could your family adopt me, please? :)

michael. mindy. dane. said...

Freak! Don't tell us about your awesome pictures and then not post them! We want to see them! When is your wedding, anyway? And where? And are you living in Vegas for the summer? And why am I asking so many questions!!

the hawker's said...

remember when you said if taylor and 50 ever go on tour together we would be first in line for tickets?

ok, it's not 50, but it's definitely a step in the right direction. i can't believe this. paste this address into your url and check out this video. you will not believe your eyes! taylor swift raps as t-swizzle.

joeley hope said...

oh my! i LOVE LOVE LOVE everything girl! you and b are the most beautiful together!

Kim Morley said...

um...hello amazing bridal shower! That beats out the traditional shower forsure. Whats the date of the wedding?

Amanda Verzello said...

Hey Ashton!!! Don't be scurrred :)

Cute pics, I can't wait to see some engagements!!!