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Thursday, April 23, 2009


After more than a handful of "Are you being serious?" texts, I decided it's time to give the official public "blog" statement. I am engaged! I know I haven't mentioned Brian before on my blog, but he's just too good to share!!

Anyway, his name is Brian. Brian Scurr. He is from Mesa, AZ, and we met through my friend Morgan (to whom I am forever indebted). She set us up, and it worked!! I was shocked. No really, shocked. And now I’m engaged, and shocked that this boy really likes me!

I know you, my blog friends, and you’re looking for more pictures right now, aren’t you? Sorry, more to come. I know the only reason you will keep reading is to know the good details:

-He proposed by setting up our first date again. His cute sister and Morgan helped him set everything up. I actually was really surprised and got really nervous!

-Brian picked out the ring all by himself. He didn’t love that I made him choose something haha but it is BEAUTIFUL!!! It means so much more to me knowing that it’s truly from HIM.

-We’re getting married August 13 in Las Vegas!!

-I’m graduating May 1 (woo woo), but he still has a year of school left. We’ll be back to Utah for another year of school in the fall.

Annnnd I'm just really, really happy :) Seriously, I've never been so happy!! I'm amazed that I found this boy. I could go on and on...

Ok, and maybe I'm just not girly enough (but I am), but I've never, ever thought about my wedding before. Is that weird? I've never thought about what I wanted it to be like, where it would be, what my bridesmaids would wear, what colors I would use... the only thing I've ever thought about is the cake and my shoes. I have priorities in wedding planning, obviously.

So if anyone has advice for a wedding…I welcome ANY suggestions!