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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I have been tagged a few times, and I'll admit it...I've been ignoring them. Haha Do people really read all of these questions? Anyway, I chose one and did it during class:


4 jobs I’ve had:

-lemonade stands…I had a really great career going
-Nuvont…hahaha Katelyn haha that makes me laugh
-Red Rock

4 movies I have watched more than once
-I Am Legend
-Orange County
-Last Holiday
-Shrek 3 (not 1 or 2, just 3)

4 places I’ve lived
-Las Vegas
-Hawaii. It was one summer, but still. I had an address.

4 TV shows I watch
I’m not a big TV watcher! I don’t think I can make 4…
-John and Kate Plus 8
-In the fall I love Sunday football games as well as Monday night football J
-Fresh Prince!

4 places I’ve been
My family loves to travel…my very favorites:
-Sweden (and Finland have the biggest strawberries everrr!!)

4 ppl who text me regularly
-My parents
- Kyle, Jordan, and Eric during class haha

4 of my fav foods
Just 4?!!
-Sushi…I guess that’s pretty much the same as fish
-Green chili

4 places I would like to visit
-Mediterranean, maybe via cruise J
-Panama. I want to see the locks in the canal
-Estonia again. I know no one goes there, but that’s the coolest place in Europe because nothing really got bombed or ruined from WII. The castles there are different than any other place in Europe. The whole country looks like something from a fairytale.

4 things I’m looking fwd to in the coming year
-Student teaching and GRADUATING!!!
-Girls trip to Las Vegas
-The holidays with my family!
-Moving. I don’t know where, but it will be out of Utah!!!!
I just got really excited thinking about all of that.

4 surprising facts:
- I haaate the feel of cotton balls. I refuse to use them for anything. Ughh. Squishing them gives me the goose bumps.
- I also hate needles. Shots and all other medical uses of needles make me want to throw up. Or pass out, I’m not sure.
-I don’t like chick flicks! Haha Just boy movies. I Am Legend, Batman, John Q, Minority Report, Vantage Point, De Ja Vu, Babylon AD are some favorites.
- Until about high school, I had THE biggest sticker collection. Yes, stickers. Fuzzy, iridescent, scratch and sniff, you name it. I’m talking thousannnds.

4 friends I’m tagging
If you want, cuz I don’t really like tags. Jordan, Candice, Kendyl, Tanya
Happy Halloween!


Anonymous said...

hey gorgeous! how have you been? I'm glad you said hi! you said you're getting excited for student teaching.. is that for secondary or elementary?

Matt and Katelyn said...

Hey! That is hilarious! Nouvount woo woo! LOVE ans MISS you! Call me!

Michael, Xela, and Arian said...

Cute blog Ashton! I hate needles too! :)

colleen england said...

Hello..I am the grandmother that took you to Estonia!. How about anwering my text mails? I don't really know how to text... so maybe you never recieved them.
You are still as cute as the little girl I used to rock and sing to.
Love you

Unknown said...

Hey what does this whole tagging things mean???