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Monday, September 29, 2008

Mon Ami...Mom.

I got to go home to Las Vegas a couple weeks ago for a quick weekend trip with some close friends! We were there less than 48 hours (Friday night to early Sunday morning...phew!), but it was SO fun.

It was my birthday (-ish. 22 is a big deal, I'm a woman now), so the one day I was there, we had a total girls day-- best thing ever! If you haven't had one in a while, take one. It makes you a new person. Anyway, my mom and sister slept in, got our nails done, and then ate chocolate cake all day. No really, all day.

Later that night we went to one of my favorite restaurants EVER. If you haven't been, you need to go to Mon Ami Gabi in the Paris hotel. It's so cute (and yummy!!)'s just out on the patio across the street from the Belagio, so you just get to watch the fountains while you eat amazing food.

Taken by a not-so-sober tourist turned family-friendly,artsy photographer. He sat down right in the valet to get this shot. Haha

What made the night even more fun is that my mom and I matched!

They serve you this great bread. I went with a bunch of girlfriends a couple years ago...luckily our server understood our fanatical love of it.


Nicki said...

I am sooooooo jealous! I love the Mon Ami!

Melissa & Chris Wood said...

mmm... I love Mon Ami!

Kasie said...

Sounds so fun! I am heading to Vegas over Fall Break! I go to Vegas A LOT, but I have never been to that restaurant! Is it really super good? I may need to try it out!

Michelle said...

Mom's have automatic "copyright" rights on pictures & I didn't authorize the picture of me in the dress that makes me look pregnant at 40 something! (but it was a good "eating a lot" dress!) You look great. It is always such fun to have you home. Alexa still has her pedicure! Love you...Mom

Amy Vanus said...

hey ashton!! mel facer introduced me to this blogging place and im hooked now! i miss you so much! thanks again so much for texting me the other day it meant a lot that you remembered

Megan said...

Happy Birthday!!! Birthdays rock don't they, its almost better than christmas for me! Glad you suggested the restaraunt, we're always looking for good places to go down there!