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Monday, July 28, 2008

Sweet Sweet Summer Time

I finally got a job! Yes, I am only home in Las Vegas for about another month, but at least it is some money! And let me tell you...if there ever was a perfect job, this is it. It's close to my home, great pay, fun people, and I'm outside all day so I get little summer tan! The pool I work at:


Up until my recent employment, I spent just about everyday floating around the pool with my sister Alexa (what a life, I know). I usually just lay out while she actually swims, but the other day she hopped on my floaty with my hat while I was in side. Looks like I have taught her well :) I took a picture so I could include it in any "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" reports! Ha Sure it's college, but why can't we still write those types of papers!?

On a side note, a few of my friends got married this past month! Congratulations Mike, Katelyn, and Matt! Even though I sometimes think finding a spouse is nothing short of a miracle, it's so great to see my good friends go through the process.

I'm seriously having the time of my life at home. My family may have to literally drag me back up to Utah to get me to leave!


potsy said...


Unknown said...

Very nice blog you people have here!

C&C said...

Not like i've been working that hard this summer, but after reading this i still feel the urge to go lay by the pool. i'm pretty white this summer!

Melissa & Chris Wood said...

That is so cute of alexa, you taught her well!

JordanGuy said...

Don't knock Macau until you been there. Las Vegas might be awesome, but Macau will blow your mind. I be coming down pretty soon methinks.

Linda said...

Ok. I like how everyone is cute in that picture - and then I'm a goof! Let's play.

Christine said...

I love those pictures of Alexa chillin' in the pool! Too cute.

BTW - you look great in brown!

Devin is celebrating his 40th bday this October. We are trying to see if we can sneak to Vegas for the weekend! We'll call your parents if we do.