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Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Calls from Colby!!

The day I have been waiting for all year is finally almost here! I always look forward to Christmas, but I haven't been this excited for it since the year I asked for a...retainer (they looked so cool on other third graders). I can't wait for this guy to call home from Germany in 10 days!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Name is NOT Ashley...

...but I still respond to it. I love the beach, but I'm scared of the ocean. I despise fantasy, but I love the Twilight series. I am cluttered and messy, but super clean (if you can find the floor underneath that pile of clothes, it's vacuumed and the baseboards are dusted). Ohh the paradoxes of life. I've realized just hot prevalent they are in my life as of recent.

I've been looking forward to graduating college for YEARS! Now that it's approaching faster than Max Hall's passes can be intercepted, I'm reevaluating my thought process. Bad things about growing up:

1. They stop making everything sparkly (bedspreads, toothbrushes, etc). I may forever be tacky, but my favorite gaudy items are annoyingly inconvenient to find.

Thank you for helping me continue living the sparkly tackiness that is my youth.
2. Santa...well, you know.
3. Ridiculous expenses. Who wants to spend money on light bulbs and paper towels?
4. For reasons beyond my understanding, it's socially unacceptable to send a boy a "check yes or no" note. I still think it would be much more time efficient, easier, and altogether useful. The cootie shot, maybe less so.
5. Jelly shoes got replaced with other fashionably hideous shoes that make your feet smell, like Uggs.
6. You stop growing UP and you start growing OUT.
7. People expect you to be responsible. This outlandish assumption is comparable only to the coming-of-age ritual in which one gets their driver's license at a specific age. Do you think someone should be allowed to drive just because they're 16? Ha. No way. Do you think someone should have to be responsible just because they graduated? Exactly.
8. Spilled lunch leftovers on your clothes aren't as cute anymore, even though there is still a whopping 47%* chance it will happen to you.
*Raises drastically to 93% when wearing white.
Anyway, about graduating...I'm scared to death! I start the beginning of the end in January, when I will be student teaching at Mountain View High School in Orem!! I'm not sure what grade yet, but hopefully I will hear soon. I'm so excited, but so nervous! Wasn't I just in high school? And do I really want to graduate? Maybe I'll take some art, canoeing, and Latin dance classes to postpone graduation/life in general.
I've always wanted to grow up, but who knew it would come so fast?! Hmm (come to think of it, all signs are pointing to some psychological reasoning behind my recent "tutu" birthday party)...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Is it weird to blog about homework?

Sundays always make me miss my family at home! This weekend I've been all alone while all my roommates are out of town. I've missed them, but it's been a perfect weekend for some quiet reflection!

I had to read this book for a class a few weeks ago, and I absolutely loved it! I highly recommend it for anyone with a few hours to spare. Not only does it have a great message, It's a quick, easy read with pretty blatant symbolism. Think fables.

I know, I know...I sound so nerdy. But I truly did find this book inspiring. My copy is all marked up and highlighted now because there are so many great lines in it! It made me consider my current situation in my own life.The Alchemist will give you the extra (and usually much needed!) push to follow your dreams, no matter where you are in your life right now.

Read it over Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I have been tagged a few times, and I'll admit it...I've been ignoring them. Haha Do people really read all of these questions? Anyway, I chose one and did it during class:


4 jobs I’ve had:

-lemonade stands…I had a really great career going
-Nuvont…hahaha Katelyn haha that makes me laugh
-Red Rock

4 movies I have watched more than once
-I Am Legend
-Orange County
-Last Holiday
-Shrek 3 (not 1 or 2, just 3)

4 places I’ve lived
-Las Vegas
-Hawaii. It was one summer, but still. I had an address.

4 TV shows I watch
I’m not a big TV watcher! I don’t think I can make 4…
-John and Kate Plus 8
-In the fall I love Sunday football games as well as Monday night football J
-Fresh Prince!

4 places I’ve been
My family loves to travel…my very favorites:
-Sweden (and Finland have the biggest strawberries everrr!!)

4 ppl who text me regularly
-My parents
- Kyle, Jordan, and Eric during class haha

4 of my fav foods
Just 4?!!
-Sushi…I guess that’s pretty much the same as fish
-Green chili

4 places I would like to visit
-Mediterranean, maybe via cruise J
-Panama. I want to see the locks in the canal
-Estonia again. I know no one goes there, but that’s the coolest place in Europe because nothing really got bombed or ruined from WII. The castles there are different than any other place in Europe. The whole country looks like something from a fairytale.

4 things I’m looking fwd to in the coming year
-Student teaching and GRADUATING!!!
-Girls trip to Las Vegas
-The holidays with my family!
-Moving. I don’t know where, but it will be out of Utah!!!!
I just got really excited thinking about all of that.

4 surprising facts:
- I haaate the feel of cotton balls. I refuse to use them for anything. Ughh. Squishing them gives me the goose bumps.
- I also hate needles. Shots and all other medical uses of needles make me want to throw up. Or pass out, I’m not sure.
-I don’t like chick flicks! Haha Just boy movies. I Am Legend, Batman, John Q, Minority Report, Vantage Point, De Ja Vu, Babylon AD are some favorites.
- Until about high school, I had THE biggest sticker collection. Yes, stickers. Fuzzy, iridescent, scratch and sniff, you name it. I’m talking thousannnds.

4 friends I’m tagging
If you want, cuz I don’t really like tags. Jordan, Candice, Kendyl, Tanya
Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Ok, so maybe we DO miss Favre...

Even though they aren't doin so hot...we still love em.

Go Pack Go.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Mon Ami...Mom.

I got to go home to Las Vegas a couple weeks ago for a quick weekend trip with some close friends! We were there less than 48 hours (Friday night to early Sunday morning...phew!), but it was SO fun.

It was my birthday (-ish. 22 is a big deal, I'm a woman now), so the one day I was there, we had a total girls day-- best thing ever! If you haven't had one in a while, take one. It makes you a new person. Anyway, my mom and sister slept in, got our nails done, and then ate chocolate cake all day. No really, all day.

Later that night we went to one of my favorite restaurants EVER. If you haven't been, you need to go to Mon Ami Gabi in the Paris hotel. It's so cute (and yummy!!)'s just out on the patio across the street from the Belagio, so you just get to watch the fountains while you eat amazing food.

Taken by a not-so-sober tourist turned family-friendly,artsy photographer. He sat down right in the valet to get this shot. Haha

What made the night even more fun is that my mom and I matched!

They serve you this great bread. I went with a bunch of girlfriends a couple years ago...luckily our server understood our fanatical love of it.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Tutu 22 Birthday!!

I can't get rid of that giant space about this. BUT...

I turned 22 on the 10th! Can you believe that? I am so old now. Anyway, for my birthday a bunch of my girlfriends went with me to dinner. We wore tutus because I am "two-two"...get it? Tutu, two two (a boy told me I sound like a choo choo train when I was telling him this). Haha It was SO much fun. Dressing up really never gets old.

We walked into the restaurant and just happened to be sitting in this big banquet room alongside a big group of dad-age men, which made the whole thing even better. They didn't say anything, just looked at us...but they couldn't fool us. That blank stare couldn't mask their barely-restrainable jealousy in wishing they had a tutu too...I mean, also. I DO sound like a train now.

Some pics from the night:

I really loved my whole tutu entourage.

I am SO lucky to have some of the greatest friends in the world. We're at this weird age when we're all trying to figure out life and make big decisions, and it's tough...but I don't know where I would be without so many of them right with me. I also went down to Las Vegas this weekend and was reminded how blessed I am to have such an amazing family. Where would I be without them? I have such incredible people all around me!

Sorry to get mushy, but ever since I turned 22 I have this infinite amount of wisdom. Lots to say when you're old and wise, you know? I should start writing my memoirs.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Wait...what happened to summer?

That's it? It's over? Sheesh. Well I guess the summer was great, but I'm having a hard time realizing it is pretty much done! It just started...right? I'm now back up in Utah at UVU for my last semester of classes before student teaching. I'm taking 18 credits...a big back-to-school slap in the face if I've ever had one! I'm just trying to smash everything in so I can graduate in April, but the past week I have been questioning my sanity.

I have to say, I am very impressed with UVU now! This summer it changed from Utah Valley State College to Utah Valley UNIVERSITY...prestigious, I know. They made several changes and additions to the school, and it is really nice! I love it! Our new library is basically all glass and overlooks the lake. I know I sound nerdy, but it really is pretty, and with 4 literature classes on my plate, I'm sure I'll be spending plenty of quality time there!

I finally have some pictures to post from when a group of my girlfriends and I went to Disneyland. Sure, it was in April, but hey.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Sweet Sweet Summer Time

I finally got a job! Yes, I am only home in Las Vegas for about another month, but at least it is some money! And let me tell you...if there ever was a perfect job, this is it. It's close to my home, great pay, fun people, and I'm outside all day so I get little summer tan! The pool I work at:


Up until my recent employment, I spent just about everyday floating around the pool with my sister Alexa (what a life, I know). I usually just lay out while she actually swims, but the other day she hopped on my floaty with my hat while I was in side. Looks like I have taught her well :) I took a picture so I could include it in any "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" reports! Ha Sure it's college, but why can't we still write those types of papers!?

On a side note, a few of my friends got married this past month! Congratulations Mike, Katelyn, and Matt! Even though I sometimes think finding a spouse is nothing short of a miracle, it's so great to see my good friends go through the process.

I'm seriously having the time of my life at home. My family may have to literally drag me back up to Utah to get me to leave!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Viva Las Vegas!

Well, I have had a blog for about 6 months now...and all I have put on it is my name! Haha Tons of my friends have been moving lately, so I have been using my account to look at all of their pictures! I guess maybe now I will put some up, too!

I am in Las Vegas for the summer, and I am LOVING it. I forgot how much I truly just love Las Vegas. I haven't been home for more than a couple of weeks since I left for college three years ago! It's so nice to just be home and relax for a while...quite a different atmosphere than school! I love coming home for so many reasons. The fridge is somehow always stocked (yet my brothers still ask why there is nothing to eat..?!), and if you forget a bowl or something in the kitchen, it magically disappears. I will spill something, come back to wipe it up, and it's already been cleaned up. Amazing. Thanks Mom, you're a great roommate.